NEWPORT—The second annual Kids Day on the Farm was a huge success as over 400 children from across Cocke County spent the day learning about agricultures role in their day-to-day lives.

Stations were set up at the Cocke County A&I Fairgrounds to showcase the various types of agriculture used across the county.

The FFA students volunteered during the event, and helped guide each class of students around the various stations.

Sarah Orr, UT Extension Director, organized the event that strives to educate children on where their food comes from, and the processes involved in making it possible.

“Nowadays most kids don’t realize where their food comes from,” Orr said.

“Most think it comes from the grocery store, which is true, but many have no idea what processes are involved to get that product to the shelf.

“It’s our goal to educate them on who raises the livestock, and who grows the crops, fruits and vegetables they see on their dinner plates.”

Dozens of volunteers and speakers came out to help make Farm Day a success.

Haley Fisher and the Southland Dairy Farmers mobile classroom was on hand to show students how to milk a cow, as well as describe how milk goes from the farm to the consumer.

The Farm Bureau Ag Simulator was a huge attraction for students as they were shown various types of crops on video from the cab of a tractor.

Sonya Webb, a Tennessee Master Gardener, showcased a variety of vegetables and showed students proper planting techniques.

Mitchell Webb of Wilton Springs Hardware was also on hand to show students the ins and outs of beekeeping.

Forest Service members Cliff King and Jordan Self spoke to students about soil erosion, and Malerie Fancher taught children about the incredible edible cow.

Sheep, goats, poultry and many other types of livestock were also presented to students.

“I want to say thank you to all of our volunteers and speakers at Farm Day,” Orr said.

“None of this would be possible without them donating their time and materials to help educate our youth.”

Students enjoyed lunch at the fairgrounds and were provided with a special ice cream treat thanks to the Rustic Cow.

Orr wanted to say several special thanks several organizations and people including Southland Dairy, the 4-H State Council, Jessi Linkous and Kinsley Graves with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Farm Bureau and Farm Bureau Women, the Forestry Service, Stephanie Maples, Eric Ellison, Kaylee Large, Tracy Griffith, Dolly Blazer, Meka Henderson, Gretta Carr and many others.

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