NEWPORT—Cocke County Clerk Jan Brockwell recently shared information regarding “Third Party Handgun Permit Renewals.”

“The requirements began July 1, 2019,” Brockwell said.

The requirements state that the handgun permit renewal is for eight years at a cost of $50.00, plus an additional $4.00 convenience fee.

“If the handgun permit is expired for even one day,” Brockwell emphasized, “the applicant is not legally allowed to carry until the new permit is received. As long as the permit is renewed before it expires, the applicant can still carry, as long as they have the old permit and a copy of the renewal application/receipt.”

Brockwell went on to say that if an applicant does not have to bring their handgun carry permit renewal application, it will have to be filled out at the clerk’s office.

“A copy of the completed application will be given to the applicant,” Brockwell said, “along with the receipt with every renewal.”

For every transaction, the Clerk’s office is required to have the applicant verify both his/her residential and mailing address. “Lifetime renewals are not offered at the County Clerk Partners,” Brockwell added.

“Also,” she said, “duplicate Handgun Permits can only be purchased during the renewal process. They cannot be offered nor can they be issued outside of the renewal process at the County Clerk’s office.”

“Name and address changes are permitted on a handgun permit renewal transaction,” said Brockwell.

Applicants wanting both a Handgun Permit Renewal and a Driver License Transaction must complete two separate transactions and cannot combine the payments into one.

All processed Handgun Permit Applications, Brockwell continued, should be kept for 30 days on site, in case the original is needed by the Handgun Unit at a later date.

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