Members of the William Cocke Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution honored 14 students from fourteen Cocke and Jefferson County elementary schools recently for their qualities of good citizenship. They are as follows:

Bridgeport: Colin Askew, son of Ricky and Iris Askew, Newport, names math as his favorite subject, because, as he says, “I enjoy solving difficult problems.” This past year he enjoyed playing varsity basketball. This summer he looks forward to spending time with family and friends in Florida. He especially admires President Abraham Lincoln. According to Colin, “He had the courage to risk everything, even his own life, to do what was best for his people.” He considers his “mom” as a good role model. “She always tries her hardest at what she is doing and always sees the brighter side of things.” Colin says being named a “Good Citizen” means “you are kind to everyone, always try your hardest, and can do anything you put your mind to.”

Grassy Fork: Taylor Leanne Black, daughter of Zola Black and Brian Black, Hartford, also enjoys math, because “I excel in math.” This past year she also played basketball, and this summer she plans to “have fun and babysit for money.” A figure from American history she admires is Dorothea Dix. “She was willing to help people with disabilities when others would not.” A person in her life she admires is “my Nana, who has always been there for me and is very strong. She is someone who doesn’t give up.” She says being named a “Good Citizen” means “a lot to me. It gives me drive to do more good things and to keep helping people.”

Newport Grammar School: Sarah Bradshaw, daughter of Joey and Amy Bradshaw, Newport, named Social Studies as her favorite subject in school because “history and current events are interesting.” This past year, Sarah enjoyed being in the NGS Junior Beta Club. “I was surprised that I could do so well in public speaking when we held our induction program.” Her summer plans include playing softball with the Tennessee Heat. A person from American history admired by Sarah is Helen Keller. “Even though she was blind and deaf, she did not let her disabilities hold her back, especially in helping others.” She names Jason Mardis, her Youth Leader, as a person she considers a good role model. “I would like to live up to his example of always being nice and helpful to others.” She also says, “I feel honored that my teachers think of me as a responsible, caring individual who deserves this award.”

Smoky Mountain: Zeke Cortez is the son of Jamie and Kim Cortez of Newport. He especially enjoys math “for the challenge” and last year enjoyed playing basketball. This summer will find him at 4-H Camp, plus trying out for the baseball and basketball teams for high school. He admires Alexander Hamilton as a figure from American history. “He was a destined leader who contributed to the development of America.” Zeke admires his brother Zac. “He has taught me to rise above and to try with 110 percent of my power in all that I do.” In summing up his Good Citizenship Award, Zeke says, “It means I’m being recognized as someone who was raised right.”

Edgemont: Keelie Fine, daughter of Tuan Fine and Charity Fine, Newport, says reading is her favorite subject in school. “I like to read books. Reading helps you become smarter with words.” She enjoyed playing basketball this past year, and this summer will find her at the Boys & Girls Club, plus going to the beach. She names Harriet Tubman as a person in American history she admires. “She helped black escape from slavery.” She admires her dad. “He’s a nurse and helps people get better.” To Keelie, being a Good Citizen helps to make a good country.

Centerview: Cameron Forss is the son of Tabitha Darby of Bybee. In school he particularly enjoys math. “Math problems are challenging and fun.” A favorite thing about this school year was “coming to school during Spring Break and helping clean it and get it ready for the students to return.” This summer Cameron plans to work in the school’s summer program. He admires George Washington “because he was the first President and was a great leader.” His role model is “Leah,” who “doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she wants.” A Good Citizen, according to Cameron, is “someone who is a valued part of the community and someone who is willing to help others.”

Northwest: Sarah Lane is the daughter of Amy Lane of Newport. She enjoys Math. “Later in life I’ll need math skills to get a job.” This past year Amy enjoyed her time in the Builders Club. “It helped to better my community and helped me become a better person and develop leadership skills.” This summer she plans to participate in the Talent Search field trip and help out “around my community.” She admires Martin Luther King, Jr. “He stood for a cause that he and others believed in.” She admires Kara Ford. “She’s always there for others, even when she is not okay or when she needs a break, she puts the well-being of others before herself.” Being named a Good Citizen, to Amy, means “someone that helps others and their community and someone who is involved in other activities.”

Maury Middle: Ryley James McCoy is the son of Jason and Michelle McCoy of Jefferson City. He particularly enjoys history in school. “It’s real life and about things that have actually happened.” This past year he enjoyed working in the school play with his friends. This summer he plans to join his parents on a first trip to Europe. While in England, he’ll get to tour Stamford Bridge (his favorite soccer team Chelsea FC plays there). He will also visit Belgium and France. He admires Abraham Lincoln because “he wanted to unite our country and make a positive impact.” He admires “Pastor Sonny from our church” who is “connected with God. He is always happy and helps others.” Being named a Good Citizen, to Ryley, means “being nice to everyone and being a decent human being.”

Rush Strong: Gabe Mills is the son of Josh and Andrea Mills of New Market. He enjoys the challenges of math and learning from his mistakes. This year he enjoyed basketball, and this summer he looks forward to attending a family reunion. He admires George Washington. “During the Revolutionary War, he had a plan, and no matter what anyone said, he went through with it and it worked.” He admires his parents. “They have raised me and taught me many lessons and want me to be successful. I look up to them every day.” To Gabe, being named a Good Citizen means “I’ve grown and changed, becoming more responsible, helping other people out, and being the best kind of person that I can be.”

Parrottsville: Dixie Norton, daughter of Terrence and Phoebe Norton of Parrottsville, names history as her favorite subject in school. “I get to acquire knowledge about our former leaders in America and how they changed our world from wars and battles to a place of peace and integrity.” This year she enjoyed helping with the annual dinner to honor Parrottsville’s retired teachers. This summer she plans to spend quality time with her family and “make memories that will last forever.” An American figure from the past she admires is John Cotton. “He was the founder of the first public school in America and wanted to guarantee every child a proper and exceptional education.” She names her grandfather as the person she most admires. “He always put his family first. He loved his family and would have done anything for them.” Dixie says, “Being chosen a Good Citizen means that people don’t only see me as an average student but as a respectful youth, one who is dependable, responsible, and ready to take charge.”

Cosby: Jasmine Peralta is the daughter of Kristy Peralta and the late Juan Carlos Peralta of Newport. Jasmine’s favorite subject in school is history. “I enjoy learning about the past. The only way to prevent catastrophic events is to learn about the mistakes and triumphs of our ancestors to know how best apply principles to our lives for the success of us and hopefully our descendants.” She enjoyed being a part of her school’s Junior Beta Club. “We strived to help our community.” This summer she plans to volunteer at the summer school program at her school. She names Martin Luther King, Jr. as a figure from American history she admires. “He had something he believed in and knew it was right and was willing to go to great lengths to make his dream become a reality.” She says many people have impacted her life, but names her mother as the person she considers a good role model. “She’s always been there for me. She’s always been kind, considerate, and helpful. I only hope I’ll be able to follow her example.” Jasmine’s interpretation of being named a Good Citizen including the idea that “people are happy and benefiting from the efforts I make to improve society. It means people will recognize my achievements and become inspired to make their own. It means someone saw me as worthy of this award. I’ll try not to let them down.”

White Pine: Makayla Stroupe is the daughter of Savannah Pinkard and Brandon Stroupe of White Pine. Her favorite school subject is history. She finds it “intriguing.” This year she enjoyed her school’s History Club and their trip to such places as the Andrew Johnson home in Greeneville. This summer she and her family will go to Nashville for summer vacation. She named Fredrick Douglas as an American figure she admires. “He was a runaway slave and tried to push for African Americans to be allowed to join the Union Military.” She names her mother as her role model. “She gives me good advice.” Being a Good Citizen, to Makayla, means “having respect and accepting people different from you.. Accepting them for who they are.”

Del Rio: Tyler Turner is the son of Jackie Turner and Regina Turner of Del Rio. Tyler enjoys history “to learn from the past and know why things are what they are today.” He enjoyed a study of women’s suffrage this past year. This summer Tyler plans to go to the beach and also try out for the high school basketball team. He admires “Stonewall” Jackson as a figure from American history because “in battle, they said he stood there like a stone wall. He was also very good at encouraging his soldiers in battle.” He admires President Trump. As a Good Citizen, Tyler feels he must be responsible, hardworking, show good sportsmanship and be respectful.”

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