Hello, everyone.

I sure hope all you readers out there are well today after having endured such a week of weather. If I didn’t know June was the sixth month, with half the year gone, I might have thought it was still winter. I want a little heat in the house when it’s 40 or 50 degrees outside. We had heat this week, long after I had packed up my winter clothes. Now I have to wear my long housecoat and go to bed even in day time. I take a trilogy breathing treatment every day, and I always have sinus issues. I’ve had to let down my windows and close my doors, too. I hope it warms up again soon.

Here we are at another weekend. It’s Friday and my great-grandson Gracin came up and spent the night with us. Today he and I are going to have a watermelon party. We’ll both enjoy it. We’re supposed to have temperatures in the 80s today.

A note about my last writing when I was so distraught … I forgot to mention the three grandchildren of my sister Tank and her husband Roy Cureton, who passed away March 7. The three are Jake, Katheryn, and Heather Gregg. Tank pointed out my mistake and I’m happy to apologize and make it right.

My brother Bob underwent hernia surgery at Newport Medical Center. He was through in just a few hours and is doing very well. He had his check-up on Wednesday. This was his second surgery of that type.

My sister Vivian Barnes had eye surgery at Morristown on June 12. It was also one-day surgery. She is now home putting medicine in her eye. This was her second eye surgery. We hope and pray that all works out well and the Good Lord does the healing.

On Thursday, June 13, my brother Bob had his check-up with his cardiologist, who comes to Newport from Newport to see his patients. Bob received a good report.

On Friday, June 21, I have an appointment at Grassy Fork Clinic for lab work and a check-up, too. I dread it for days, but I know I have to go.

My sister Aurine Green, who is a resident at Cocke County Baptist Convalescent Center in Newport, isn’t doing well. Our sister Tank went to see her last week. Aurine is mostly a bed patient now and no longer talks at all. Her dementia has nearly run its course. It’s so sad to see what that disease has done to her. She will have her 79th birthday on July 1. I’m hoping we can go down and have a little party. Vivian (Dube) and I are both on walkers now, and Tank is, too, but she can walk better that we can. We’re all getting older with every passing day.

I’ve sat here and written about us fine Halls and our conditions. Most people don’t want me to write about them, but my bunch doesn’t care. I hope you will all remember us in your prayers.

We’ve really had a hard time for a while now, but we know others have troubles, too. It’s all just a part of life.

Last week we had Vacation Bible School at our New Prospect Baptist Church. We had a really good crowd every night. I only got to attend Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and then I got sick. I’m so glad the Bible school was a success. It was good to see some folks I hadn’t seen since last year. On Wednesday, I counted twenty-five in our adult class.

On Sunday we had a good crowd and a good service at church. The Spirit was there in full force. I hadn’t slept well Saturday night and didn’t feel well on Sunday, but I made it to church and I felt better when I was in God’s house.

After church we came down the road to our cemetery and held a short service. We had several family members there; however, others were absent. Our former pastor, Rev. Arthur Willis, held the service. We had it a little early, which was good because the sun was warming the hillside up fast after the cold spell we had experienced for several days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that cold in June.

It’s now Monday evening and we’re having lots of thunder. I hear on the radio that Newport got hit very hard with the streets flooded and power outages. That means no red lights and trees down. It’s now going on 5:00 and we’ve had no rain, but Del Rio got hit. I hope everyone is safe and no lives were lost.

God bless us all through these thunderstorms.

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