Good morning, everyone. I hope you are faring well during these hot days.

Last Sunday Wayne and I attended the Turner-Webb Reunion at the Del Rio Community Center. It was very good.

On Monday Wayne and I drove up on Round Mountain to the campground where the Grigsby family were having a picnic. We walked up there and visited with some of them, including Troy and Joann Wilburn, Aunt Kate Wilburn, Marie Grigsby and others. There were a bunch of them.

We drove back to Boomer Den, where we looked around and took some pictures, then drove up to Max Patch and to Fine’s Creek and Crabtree to the cemetery where we put flowers on the grave of Richard Haney and others.

On our way across the mountain, we stopped and put the tailgate down and enjoyed a picnic.

On Friday Wayne and I went visiting down to Bybee where we visited with Pat and Willard Holt and Eric and Robin Reece. Then we went on to Newport Health and Rehab Center and visited with Liz Caldwell, Helen Henderson and Kathy Woody.

Kathy’s husband Earl was with her. We also visited with Lisa Hawk, Freda Green, Randy Caldwell, Charles Martin and Judy Bowers.

Then we went to Cracker Barrel and ate and afterwards visited with Henry Haney.

Supper guests of Dora Kate Stokely on Friday were Mark Grigsby, Tim Self, and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Jenkins.

Get well wishes are sent to Dennis Gossett who has been in the hospital in Atlanta.

Dinner guests of Rose Norwood on Sunday were Manda Crum and girls, Billy Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Shropshire, Lisa Shropshire and Dylan, and Mr. and Mrs. Randy Phillips.

Wayne and I attended homecoming at Antioch Baptist Church on Sunday. After homecoming, we visited with Rev. Wayne Dalton and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gossett.

Then we went to the nursing home and held services before going on to church ourselves.

Happy birthday greetings are sent to Ed Strange on Sept. 5, to Linda Stuart on Sept. 14, to Norma Jean Stokely on Sept. 4, and to Tracy Stokley on Sept. 30. I hope they all have many more.

Gervis Caldwell’s two sisters, Lois from Johnson City and Mary from Georgia visited their sister Lily Rathbone in the nursing home in Greeneville.

Wayne went down to Henry Haney’s and brought him up to our home for supper and to spend the evening.

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