Hello to everyone reading this today. My wish for you all is to have a very nice day. I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves during these hot days and nights. So many records have been broken with each passing day, and now the weathermen are say we’re in a drought.

We’re told some rain is coming on Sunday night, and we really do need it. Our streams and creeks are very low for now.

This year brought a very dry September. I can’t remember it ever being this dry in September before or this hot. We’ve nearly always had to build a fire in September around my birthday, which is Sept. 24, but not this year. We have our wood and kindling stacked on the porch, ready for the colder weather.

Last Monday night, my sister Vivian Barnes of Cosby, fell at her home and broke her foot. She was taken to the ER by ambulance Tuesday morning and admitted to the hospital where she remains today (Sunday). She has cellulitis also and isn’t doing too well. Please remember her in your prayers.

On Tuesday morning, my brother Bob came up from Newport and took me to down. After receiving a text about Vivian, we went straight to the hospital and saw her in the ER. I had to come home, but I call her every time I think about her being there.

I thank the Lord for my telephone. Last month my phone service was out eight or nine days and that was pretty scary. I don’t want to do without mine—do you?

My birthday came the last week in September on the 24th. Bob, my sister Tank, and I were set to go out and eat together, but Tank fell at her home, and Bob took her to the ER and Tennova Hospital, Turkey Creek, in Knoxville where she spent three or four days. She is now recovering at her home in Newport.

I had my birthday by myself, but I did receive some gifts and money. Maybe I’ll get to go out another time.

On Friday, my granddaughter Chelsey and my great-grandson Gracin came up, Gracin said he came to collect a debt I owed him. I had promised him $10 if he made good grades in his first grade at Grassy Fork Elementary School. He had done as I said so he collected his bounty. He also brought me some news for my column.

This week there will be no school because of Fall Break.

On Oct. 17, the first home basketball games will be played at Grassy Fork when Parrottsville comes to visit. Go Ravens! Doors open at 5:30. Tickets are $3. They will also be having hamburgers and hot dogs, so come up and have supper with them. The school will be celebrating Spirit Week.

On Monday (today), Oct. 7, my sister Vivian Barnes was taken from Newport Medical Center to Mariner Health Care and Rehab this afternoon. I hope she does well there, as I did several years ago. I’ve been there twice and once at Morristown Life Care Center. That was a long stay, from March until June. I have many good memories of those visits.

I thank my Lord every day for His blessing. I could not survive without my Lord and Master every day I live.

I do hope Vivian, who writes Trail Hollow News, will be able to write her column when she gets able, the way I did when I was out there. I pray for her a full recovery.

On Saturday afternoon, my brother Bob came up and mowed my yard. Then he took me and the food I had prepared down to Grassy Fork Volunteer Fire Department’s community room and pavilion where there was a benefit for Tabitha Brown. A big crowd had already gathered. There was plenty of food for the pot luck meal. Plenty of people stepped up and laid out the good food. Our locals also provided lots of good gospel and bluegrass music. We have some really talented musicians and singers up here. Just come out and see for yourselves. It was good to see Tabitha there, looking good and healing good.

My daughter Melaine spearheaded the whole thing. She had plenty of help from her and Tabitha’s co-workers and friends. Melaine was even the auctioneer. I was so proud of her and her dad Charlie would have been, too. She looks so much like him.

Thanks to all who came and helped with this for Tabitha. I know she appreciates all that was done for her and her son Will. May God bless everyone involved.

This past weekend was the Newport Harvest Street Festival. I heard they had a good one. The weather was certainly perfect for an outing like that. I remember going to the very first one and a few more over the years. Now I’m not able to go. I miss attending all the festivals around Cocke County. This weekend will bring Parrottsville Heritage Days, and Saturday, Oct. 26, we’ll have Del Rio Days, bringing to an end our fall festivals. So many visitors arrive to see our beauty and to enjoy our great music. We’re so lucky to live in such a great place.

Friday, Oct. 18, our Big Creek Sunday School Convention will kick off at our New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church. It opens at 10 a.m. when new officers will be elected We’ll break for lunch at 11:30. Our church will provide the food. We’ll continue with an evening service and then a night service at 7 p.m. with lots of good music by the four churches’ choirs. Saturday will be a repeat of Friday, except the big lunch will feature food brought by all the churches. More services will come Saturday afternoon and evening and then Sunday morning, we’ll have a short service to wrap things up. We’ll then say goodbye for another year. I hope I’m able to go. I’m so anxious to go this year.

For now, I’ll say goodbye and may God bless us all.

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