I would like to send our sympathy to the family of Betty Valentine, who passed away last week. She was a real good friend of ours when we went to Rocky Grove. They have our prayers.

Get well wishes go to Liz Caldwell, who recently suffered a stroke. Wayne and I visited her on Tuesday. She was doing better.

Wayne and I also visited with Kathy Woody. Her husband Earl was with her.

We also visited Charles Martin and Judy Bowers, and I visited Bertha Cody.

Get well wishes are sent to Maudlee Reece who is very sick with the shingles and to Essie Moore, who recently was hurt in a fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney and Tyler visited with her on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney and Tyler also visited Aunt Kate Wilburn and Marie Grigsby on Sunday.

Sunday dinner guests of Rose Norwood were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shropshire and Dylan, Billy Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Phillips, Manda Crum and Maylee, and Mayce.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Haney visited Joyce, Florence, and Makaly Haney, Chase and Clare in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Neil Phillips recently were Wayne Haney and Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Crum.

Wayne and I went to the visitation at Brown Funeral Home for Betty Valentine on Thursday evening. It was good to see Mr. and Mrs. Jacky Valentine. We used to go to church with them at Rocky Grove several years ago.

We attended the funeral of Herschel Mantooth.

Get well wishes are sent to Clyde Willis who has pneumonia and is going to rehab. Please remember him in your prayers.

Get well wishes are sent to Norma Jean Stokely who suffered a stroke and is a patient in UT Hospital. She truly needs our prayers.

Shirley Haney had to go to the ER on Saturday night. Wayne went down there. She was able to return home, but still needs our prayers.

Wayne Haney visited with David Southerland on Thursday.

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