Hello everyone.

I really need you to know that I look forward with great anticipation to writing this column. I sometimes reuse one that has been published before; but, hey; if it was “good” then, it will be “better” now, because that’s the way it is with the Gospel. I just want to be able to write and speak and possibly make a difference in your life today and for all of eternity.

We are hearing such a great deal of “news” about all these prosperity preachers (you know, the “Name it and claim it” bunch). You know, the men and women who tell you how much you need to send them as “seed money” that they will “plant” for you and then let God send you the reward.

Oh, you haven’t gotten your “reward” yet? Keep watching; keep listening; and, by all means, keep on sending in those checks!

Frankly, it gives all the faithful pastors everywhere a bad name when the “offering time” comes around in the services. “Money, money, money! That’s all you preachers talk about,”; I can hear you say; and I’m sorry, I just have to answer, “You must have me confused with that guy (or woman) on television.”

Writers and speakers have been making a difference in your “todays” for years; but I want the content of my writing and speaking to make a difference in your “tomorrows” – all of them – from now on!

How is that possible?

Because the content of what you read here is going to be based firmly on “The Language of God” as found in The Bible. Ed Hindson said that we, as ministers, “are called upon to speak the Mind of God as recorded on paper; the most intellectual Book that has ever been written – the Bible; and”, he concluded, “that is a really tough assignment.”

The Gospel is described in Scripture as “The Power of God”. The word there for “power” is actually the word from which we get our word, “dynamite.” Think of that! The “Gospel” (“good news”) is the “Dynamite” of God!

Dynamite certainly is powerful; and, in the right hands, it can do many wonderful things. Dynamite can move mountains to make a canal across Panama; it can provide a proper footing for magnificent buildings and bridges; it can enable workers to mine America’s vast natural resources or build tunnels to move vehicles or water.

Dynamite in the right hands can make life better for all of us! It is a constructive power!

In the wrong hands, it turns into a destructive power! In the wrong hands, its family of products becomes a homicide bomb; it blows up everything in its path.

Handled correctly, The Dynamite of God can heal broken hearts, mend broken families, and satisfy broken expectations.

But, it must be handled correctly. As everyone in the civilized world has heard, The Bible can be made to prove any point: “Judas went and hanged himself, go thou and do likewise, and what you do, do quickly.”

Handle it carefully; for The Bible is precious cargo!

Gotta go; “Five Minutes” might not take you very far physically; but, Spiritually, it can take you all to Heaven. Next week?????

Tom Mooty serves as Senior Pastor to Newport’s “West End Baptist Church”; and published the first of these columns in the late 1970’s. Address all comments to Mooty at P.O. Box 851 in Newport, or call 423-623-9056 (ext 2), or e-mail him at tommooty15@gmail.com. These columns appear in the Thursday and Weekend Editions of this newspaper.

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