Hello, everyone. I hope you are enjoying these cooler days.

Lucille Jenkins and I visited Dora Kate Stokely.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney and Tyler and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Haney, Lily and Nicholas visited with Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Haney and Avery on Sunday and went to Avery’s baptism.

Get well wishes are sent to Faye Melton who had a knee replacement. She can’t walk and needs your prayers. Wayne and I saw Faye and her husband Harry at Family Practice. Wayne used to work with Harry at ConAgra, and my sister Dora Kate used to work with Faye at the Holiday Inn. That was a long time ago.

Get well wishes also go to Peggy Hall who was recently hospitalized at LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville. She is doing better now.

My brother Joe Stokely is also doing better.

Lily Rathbone has been moved from Greeneville Nursing Home to Newport Health and Rehab.

Julius’s Caldwell’s two sisters were visiting him recently. They are Lois Jones from Johnson City and Mary Maglina from Georgia.

Get well wishes go to Dedra Ellison who has cancer and is now taking treatments. She and her husband Scott need our prayers.

Johnny Baxter also need many prayers. He is also a cancer patient and is taking chemo and radiation. Wayne talked to him and he said he was doing okay.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Reba Sawyer who passed away on Wednesday. They have our prayers.

Get well wishes are extended to Nona Stokely who is very sick and in need of prayer.

We also send get well wishes to Kayleen Ramsey who isn’t doing well. She needs many, many prayers.

Wayne went to Paint Creek on Tuesday evening and visited with some of the folks camping there. He visited with Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Strom and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Rogers and Margie.a

A belated Happy Birthday greeting is sent to Aunt Fannie Wells, who celebrated Oct. 3, to Michelle Cork on the 7th, and to Donnie Jones on the 10th. We hope they have many more.

Dennis Gossett has returned home and is doing better.

I would like to send our sympathy to the family of Willie France Harp Hensley who passed away recently. His sister Margie said she had been caring for him. Wayne used to work with him.

I hope all of you have a nice week.

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