William Cocke DAR presents books

Stokely Memorial Library Director Elizabeth Hall, right, recently accepted to new books for the library’s collection from William Cocke Chapter DAR. Chapter Historian/Librarian Judy McGaha, left, made the presentation.

NEWPORT—January 2020 has been a busy month for the William Cocke Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). Recently Chapter Daughter Judy McGaha, Historian and Librarian, presented two new books to Stokely Memorial Library.

Library Director Elizabeth Hall welcomed the books to the library’s collection. The DAR members unanimously approved the purchase of the books as part of their mission to support and celebrate Women in History.

The first book was titled: Grandma Gatewood’s Walk. The book was written by author Ben Montgomery. It details the story of a 67-year-old mother of eleven and grandmother of 23, who one day decided to hike the Appalachian trail from start to finish. She took only a spare set of clothes and less than $200 cash on her journey. She not only accomplished her mission to bring appreciation and attention to the Appalachian Trail, but she was the only person to walk it alone three times throughout her lifetime. It’s an inspiring story of strength and dedication without regards to gender or age biases.

Book two is a collection of compiled excerpts of written works by First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s a great opportunity to explore Mrs. Roosevelt’s personal opinions about women, their rights, politics, women in leadership, and wonderful life lessons.

The chapter welcome interest in the NSDAR. Anyone who believes that your ancestor may have provided a service or was enlisted in the military during the American Revolution, the William Cocke Chapter of the NSDAR is interested in helping you to establish your eligibility for membership in the NSDAR. For more information you may contact: Sharon Nease at 423-623-4116 or email sharon.nease123@gmail.com

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