What can a simple ‘Thank You’ do for you? Maybe it can open the gates of Heaven!

Members of Celebrate Life had participated in the October 24th ‘Paint The Town Pink’ event. We had a great time, it was a beautiful day all around.

I had decided since I was in town to go by the post office after it was over. There was one envelope in Celebrate Life’s box. It was from Clayton Homes, Appalachia. Inside was a check for $4,320. Yes! $4,320! What do you do to be honored enough to receive such a gift? You say ‘Thank you’.

Last year, by the grace of God, Celebrate Life was the recipient of a check from Clayton Homes for the first time. We were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. We had no idea how they found out about us, but we’re glad and I called the number at the bottom of the enclosed letter and profusely thanked them and relayed to them how it would assist so many worthy cancer patients. They explained that Clayton Homes does fundraising events to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, then decided who will receive the money.

The enclosed letter this year explained that the reason we were chose again this year was because we were so grateful and said ‘Thank You’ last year. Can you believe the power of ‘Thank You? I sure do now!

I didn’t even leave the car, as I again immediately called and talked to Lauren Cox, the plant controller and gushed out our profound gratefulness. I told her that I would pray that God, My Great Love, would boundlessly bless their company for doing what God says to do that is ‘if you do it for the least of these, you do it for me.”

So again, over and over, thank you Clayton Homes, Appalchia.

Michele Sexton

Founder, President

Celebrate Life Cancer Support Group

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