NEWPORT—Many Newport Grammar students find themselves back in the classroom this month, but in a good way.

Newport Grammar School is currently having its Jumpstart Academy, which is a summer program for students who have completed Kindergarten through seventh grade. The Academy runs for two weeks during the summer, and provides students the time to hone their skills in Language Arts, Writing, and Math.

The students that come to the Academy are not subjected to ordinary schooling, however, as the teachers that run the program strive to make it as fun as possible.

“We try to expose them to different things and help them practice their skills,” said Bonnie Ball, one of the teachers running the program for older students.

One of the different things that the program opens students up to is writing and different kinds of literature. The students are reading a Nancy Drew novel as well as learning how to write different kinds of poetry. They are also going to be able to write their own mystery story, inspired by the book, before the two weeks are over.

The math that the kids have is based on their grade level, as well as their performance on a pre-test. Though not graded, the test allows for the teachers to aid students more individually throughout the two week period, so the students can garner as much improvement as possible. Much of the math practice is in the form of games, which helps students that often find math boring or monotonous, as well as those that just need a little bit of practice.

A plus for the parents that send their children to Jumpstart Academy is that there is nothing to pay for, the only thing their child needs to bring is lunch. This allows for kids of all backgrounds to be able to attend and get extra practice for their next year, without undue stress on their parents.

The kids that attend also really seem to enjoy it, as many come back the following year. The teachers that run the program also hope to see it grow in the coming years. The program gives Newport Grammar School students an outlet to be creative, and Ball said “the kids are working really hard, and are excited about this.” Programs like this also help to build early connections between students and teachers they have not had yet.

As Jumpstart Academy’s second week gets started, the students and teachers involved look forward to more learning. Though more activity based, the students still have much to learn, as well as a few surprises in store.

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