NEWPORT— A Newport man is facing several charges including child abuse and child neglect after police reports say he “shook” a baby following an argument with a female on Tuesday, June 18.

Cocke County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the 900 block of Chicken Hollow Road concerning an injured 9-month-old baby.

Upon arrival, Deputies Colby Franco and Jody Henry came in contact with Paegan Clark, 29, who advised the baby’s arm was not broke just bruised. Deputies obtained verbal consent to search the home for the male suspect that injured the child.

Deputies searched the basement where they found Daniel Wayne Messer, 30. He was detained without further incident.

During the investigation, deputies spoke with Clark who said she and Messer were arguing when he reportedly took the baby from her and said he was going to throw the child.

Clark said Messer took the child into another room when she heard Messer stomp his foot and say, “The baby is dead.” Clark said she ran into the room to retrieve the baby, who was unharmed, and fled to another room.

While Clark was attempting to call for help, Messer took the phone away from her.

According to the report, Clark then went to another room with the child and Messer, again, took the baby and began to shake him. Clark told deputies that Messer then threw a car seat at her causing injury to her arm.

First Call EMS was called to the scene and medically cleared the baby from any injury.

Messer was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, child abuse, and interference with an emergency call.

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