NEWPORT—In May 2019, Newport Federal Bank elected a new member to their board. Mrs. Cynthia Stinnett became the ninth member of the bank board.

She was chosen to serve as a director for Newport Federal Bank, becoming the first woman to ever serve in the position.

The President and CEO of the bank, Chris Triplett, feels as though Stinnett “represents the bank extremely well,” due to her community connections and personality.

Stinnett spent eighteen years as an educator, a large portion of which was spent at Newport Grammar School.

This enabled her to make strong community connections. For the past several years she has been heavily involved with her husband Marc’s car dealership, Stinnett Automotive Group.

The dealership is a second-generation business that has continued to serve the community for over 50 years.

She also assists in operations at her parent’s business, Douglas Lake Campground.

Business dealings were not new to Stinnett, and this is part of the reason Newport Federal felt as if she would be an excellent fit on the board of directors.

Bill Myers, the current chairman of the board, was the one who initially suggested that Stinnett should serve on the board.

Myers felt as though Stinnett would be a good fit due to her being, “intelligent and eager to learn,” and also her prior business experiences and devotion to the community.

Newport Federal Bank is completely locally owned, meaning that they take pride in employing, and taking advice from those living in the area.

Due to this, the board members often act as community loudspeakers for the bank.

They bring forth new ideas and represent different facets of the community.

What comes with the responsibility is an unspoken expectation that the board members are active in the community at large.

The expected level of activity was not surprising nor extraneous to Stinnett after her appointment, as she was already extensively involved in church activities.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Boys and Girls Club, Cruise for Cancer, and Samaritan’s Purse are some of the causes dear to her heart.

Overall, Mrs. Stinnett has found the board to be “extremely supportive, and welcoming”, and open to helping her get used to various expectations of a bank board member.

Stinnett brings with her a wealth of knowledge from her various positions that will serve her well in this new endeavor.

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