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NEWPORT—Meeting in regular session Tuesday evening, the City of Newport’s Board of Mayor and Alderman heard from City Administrator James Finchum who advised council members of several complaints that have been made by the public.

City Council did not have a lengthy agenda to tackle and only met for a mere half hour. All members were present except Alderman Mike Hansel and Alderman Bobby Knight.

Finchum told the council that he has received an array of complaints from the public regarding a few city property owners blowing grass clippings into the roadways.

Finchum said the grass clippings can make roadways dangerous and has caused the storm drains to clog.

The same issue was brought to the council’s attention several years ago, but the council voted against the implementation any ordinances.

Alderwoman Louanna Ottinger asked Finchum what could be done, and Finchum said the council could implement codes and if a property owner violates the code, he or she would be cited into City Court.

Chief of Police Maurice Shults encouraged council members to consider implementing the ordinance and agreed with Finchum that grass clippings in the roadway are especially dangerous for those who ride motorcycles.

No vote took place on the matter.

During the August meeting, Vickie Turner, a city resident, asked the board to revise the ordinance on the number of animals you can have per household. Currently the ordinance states each household is allowed to have up to four animals.

The request was brought to the council’s attention after complaints were made about her dogs barking.

Turner shared with council that she currently has seven dogs while only a few are considered “hospice animals” that she is currently caring for.

Finchum told council members that they could consider implementing an ordinance where people in Turner’s situation could apply for a permit to care for hospice animals and pay an annual fee if the committee approves. However, once the animals die, the owner could not replace the animal with another one.

In other news, John Clark was appointed to serve on the Equalization Board. Clark will be serving for Ray Keifer’s remaining term.

Vice Mayor Mike Proffitt expressed his appreciation for several community members for taking the extra steps in beautifying their properties. Of those people were Samford and Glenda Overholt, Paul and Kim Gregg, John Dale and Brenda Ramsey, Jimmy Lee, Steve Smith, Danny Dover and Darren and Denise Naville.

The council voted to accept bids for a street sweeper and two vehicles for the Newport Police Department.

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