Cats Hoarded in Mobile Home Found in Deplorable Conditions

When animal control officers and deputies stepped into this mobile home early Friday morning they found over 90 cats living in filthy cages. The cats, along with three small dogs will be removed from the home.

NEWPORT—A case of massive animal hoarding led county animal control officers and deputies to a mobile home community off of Flatwoods Way early Friday morning.

Friends Animal Shelter Director Elisha Henry was on site and described the deplorable living conditions of the animals as “far worse than anything I could have anticipated.”

According to Henry, over 90 cats were found locked in urine soaked cages with maggots crawling in most of their litter boxes.

The cats were found to have no water and the strong ammonia smell had many workers physically ill by the time they left the scene, according to an email from Henry.

Cocke County Sheriff’s Deputies patrolled the scene as animal officers and shelter workers removed 13 of the cats for the time being. The woman accused of the hoarding incident did agree to relinquish all but 8 of the cats and three small dogs that also resided in the mobile home.

Shelter workers and officers will return on Monday to secure the rest of the animals.

Shelter Ask for Help and Homes

A Facebook post early Friday afternoon from the Friends Animal Shelter was a basic call for help from the community and other shelters. Director Henry described the need of foster homes and resources the shelter is in an emergency situation because they are already housing 102 cats.

If you are willing to help foster a cat or can provide much needed resources such as food and donations please call the Friends Animal Shelter at 423-532-8475 or email Henry at

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