City school board renews Burchette's contract

Sandra Burchette

NEWPORT—Sandra W. Burchette, a local educator with over 40 years experience, both as a classroom teacher and as an administrator, will continue in her role as Director of Newport City Schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

During the Newport City Board of Education’s meeting on Monday, March 16, board members unanimously voted to renew Burchette’s contract for another year. She has held the job of Director of Newport City Schools since July 15, 20015.

The board renewed Burchette’s contract and also provided her a 2.5 percent retroactive raise for 2019-2020 and a 2.5 percent raise for the 2020-2021 school year. She did not previously receive a raise for 2019-20.

Prior to assuming the Director’s role, Burchette served as Newport Grammar School principal from 2004-2015, supervising a student body of nearly 800 students and a staff of over 130.

She herself is an alumna of NGS and graduated from Cocke County High School in 1970. She later graduated cum laude from ETSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in education, then earned her Master of Science in Elementary Education from UT-K and her Educational Specialist degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Lincoln Memorial University.

She began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher in the Cocke County School System. After three years, she returned to her alma mater as a kindergarten teacher, a position she held for 27 years before being named NGS Principal.

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