Now 10 years have passed since the disappearance of Megan Maxwell gripped the Cocke County community.

Her family and friends still mourn the loss of the, then, 19-year-old who went missing from her father’s residence on that fateful April morning a decade ago.

During the course of this series, readers read the words of Lisa Maxwell, Hollie Lane, Chief Deputy Derrick Woods, and Chief of Police Maurice Shults about how life was when Megan Maxwell disappeared, the course of the investigation, and the court proceedings of Jeffery Stock.

Today, they all still reside in Cocke County.

Now 10 years later Lisa Maxwell says she is attending church again and trying to work on her hate.

“I am going to try to forgive, but it is so hard. I gotta do it for me,” she said. “It is everyday that you carry it, but it’s getting better.”

Neither she, nor Lane, though have found closure.

“It’s like a wall I put up because I don’t want to accept the fact. It hurts too bad,” Lane said. “Going through that at 18 years old and here 10 years later.. I would rather carry her with me than accept that she’s gone.

“A lot of who I am is based on Megan’s character,” said said. “I lost every bit of that. She (Megan) was a big part of my self confidence back then.”

Lisa Maxwell stated she and her daughter are also still in contact as she says Lane is like a daughter to her.

Lane now has her own daughter and says her daughter knows who Megan Maxwell was and the two always visits her grave in Resthaven Cementery.

Woods is still employed at the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office serving as Chief Deputy. He and Lisa Maxwell are still close and continue to stay in contact.

“It’s been 10 years since the Maxwell family had a beautiful young lady tragically taken from their lives and this community,” Woods said. “With the continued efforts of myself and many other individuals and agencies, the individual responsible (Jeff Stock) for Megan’s death is being held accountable.

“The extent of the investigation was enormous but the support the community gave to Megan’s family and law enforcement was far greater than that,” he said. Although this does not bring Megan back to her family and friends this community has not forgotten Megan and the tragic loss will be remembered forever.

“I want to thank the Maxwell family for being patiently driven to get answers. You made me and many more realize how important the job is of law enforcement.”

Lisa Maxwell said she has a lot of appreciation for people who was there for her during the investigation, including Michael Brady, Ready Lane, Teresa and Jimmy Burton, Crossroads Community Church and the Newport Rescue Squad.

She also is a strong proponent in the Victim’s Right’s ceremonies and attends several events each year in Newport and Sevier County.

(Editor’s Note: Today’s article wraps up the six-part series on the disappearance of Megan Maxwell, who went missing on April 26, 2019. The Newport Plain Talk wishes to express our gratitude to the Maxwell family and her best friend Hollie Lane for being willing to participate with this series.)

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