NEWPORT—A female subject is now in custody after she was involved in a burglary and kidnapping incident of a Newport man in late December 2019 at a residence on Highway 160.

Newport Police officials identified the female as Christina Ellison, 46. She was taken into custody following a traffic stop in Newport on Monday, Feb. 3.

Patrolman Jordan Douglas came in contact with Ellison during a traffic stop where she was the passenger inside of a vehicle. According to the report, Ptl. Douglas asked Central Dispatch to conduct a warrant check on Ellison and learned she had three active warrants for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

The warrants stemmed from a December 29 incident where Ellison along with Michael Smelcer and Richard Brotherton reportedly lured Ray Click to a residence on Highway 160.

As Click entered the home, he told Lt. Michael Whitmer that he was allegedly attacked by Ellison, Smelcer and Brotherton. Click reported the trio allegedly tied him up and took turns beating him, “smashing” his fingers with his cane and strangling him.

After placing Ellison under arrest, officers located a backpack that was in her possession. After obtaining verbal consent to search her possessions, Ptl. Douglas found several narcotics, identified as Hydrocodone and Belsomra, as well as a baggie that contained 1.25 grams of marijuana and a syringe.

Ellison was additionally charged with possession of schedule II, possession of schedule IV, possession of schedule VI and drug paraphernalia.

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