We have all heard of “Murphy’s Law, with its parts 1, 2, and 3 and subparts a, b, and c; and everybody quotes it as if it was written just for them.

I bet you all had a “Mom’s Law” too.

Mom’s Laws were always works in progress; she made them up as she went. Whenever the occasion demanded, there was a Mom’s Law pulled out of Josephine Celeste’s purse, skirts, head, or whatever — (you fill in the location).

It was always tempting for me to try them out. Do those things which get swept under the rug really start to stink after awhile? I do know that an Easter egg which Bobby (The Music Man) hid from me by dropping it down my hollow iron bed post does – boy does it ever! That was no plastic, fake, chocolate filled Easter egg either (good grief, plastic was in its infancy back in those dark ages). No; it was real hard boiled, colored egg; and it really got ripe after a while.

Trying to hide something without dealing with it might just come back at you with a vengeance.

I was reading an on-line news release some time ago and I ran across a story that told about Google’s release of some new world map segments. These are called “layers” which can be overlaid with satellite imagery to reconstruct the past and intermingle it with the present day.

It seems that these maps show the locations of the lower class neighborhoods of Japan’s well-known and well-documented “feudal era” when the “shoguns” ruled over a very strict “class intensive” civilization. That is something that they apparently want everyone to forget – at least the exact locations of the poorer neighborhoods.

And they don’t take too kindly to Google’s releasing these maps (which had been released previously and are posted on at least one other website). Seems that people who lived there had jobs that were associated with death (leather workers, butchers, and grave digging).

The story goes on to say that even today, those old neighborhoods (which have long disappeared under years and years of some of the most amazing progress this generation has ever seen) are still a “blight” on the nation’s glorious history. It seems that if one’s ancestors were involved in any way in those “dirty neighborhoods”, the effects continue to this day with discrimination in the work place and lowered property values.


I have traveled around our old Frogpond neighborhood; and seen several of the homes in which me and many of my classmates (of the illustrious Class of 1959) grew up; and in which we all played in and around and on top of and under (sorry about danglelating all those prepositions). And you know what? None of us had much but that didn’t matter; because the few who did have a little were just the same as all the rest of us. The thing is; we didn’t have much; but we didn’t know we didn’t have much; because nobody ever told anybody they didn’t have much!

You see; if you don’t get so involved in trying to cover up stuff, and sweeping it under the rug; it won’t be able to start stinking someday. And, like that egg, when it starts stinking, it will be found pretty quickly.

Like your sins!

The best way to deal with the sin problem – is to deal with the sin problem; not try to hide the sin problem and in any other way keep from dealing with the sin problem.

Jesus went to the cross to give you an “out”. He provided a way with which you can deal with your sins.

Don’t keep sweeping them under the rug; don’t keep hiding your little secrets under layers and layers of old maps; don’t keep looking the other way and hoping nobody noticed! No! Deal with it! Put that old sinful nature up on the cross with Jesus and let Him kill it!

Don’t know how? I do; and I’ll share! You’ll feel a whole bunch of a lot better knowing your sins have been forgiven; and when Jesus comes back (it’s getting closer and closer) you will “be in that number, when the Saints (all Christians) go marching in”.

Tom Mooty writes these columns for the Thursday and Weekend Editions of the “Newport Plain Talk”; and he appreciates your comments. See Mooty on the streets of his hometown, Newport; e-mail him at tommooty15@gmail.com; or write to him at P.O. Box 851, 37822. Mooty is in his thirty-second cumulative year as Supply Pastor, Interim Pastor, Pastor, and now Senior Pastor of the West End Baptist Church of Newport.