It’s been one more year unbelievably blessed with volunteers and patron resources for Thanksgiving.

The holidays are always a hectic time and the best laid plans do not always work out.

Advance planning and preparation started in September for the Thanksgiving Home Delivered Meal program. This is the eighth year for this program, one that our senior citizens look forward too.

So, by October 31st when we had a few donations but nothing like past years and certainly not enough to cover all the cost, I was just a little worried.

But stepping out on faith we went forward with the event and it appeared everything went off like clockwork. Donations that did not come this year would be met somewhere down the line because so many senior citizens were expecting a meal.

On the 4th of December those expected donations did arrive. Apparently our mail ended up in someone else’s mail box due to a typo on my part.

While we are grateful for the donations we regret that some people did not get their requested meal.

This is the first year I did not have daily office help to cover all the bases as well as double check behind me. It was not my intentions to leave anyone off the list but accidents do happen and I apologize to those folk who did not receive their meal. While we failed a few we did manager to deliver 175 meals this year.

We have put in place some safe guards for next year so that this kind of thing want happen again.

Let me take this time to thank all the volunteers who donated time and all the patrons whose resources make this an annual event. Our senior citizens here in Cocke County matter and with collective resources we can meet their needs

On behalf of the Cocke County Office on Aging and friends of the Cocke County senior citizens let me thank you for your continued support of our programs. I wish good health, happiness, wealth, peace of mind and prosperity for everyone who is reading this. Merry Christmas and a million blessings to you for the New Year!

Carlene Robinson

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