They Came: Because

They read about it in an article in the Newport Plain Talk or a flyer in their treatment center.

They heard about it on WLIK radio.

They were told about it by a Celebrate Life group member or by Michele during a phone call or patient visit.

They Came:

To: Cut Hair- Millie Ford

To: Do facials – Penny Grooms

To: Put warm oil and stones on your face and shoulders- Debbie Prier

To: Give a manicure and a warm wax treatment on your hands – Carlene Robinson, Pam Hannon and Debbie Dadey

To: Massage your back and neck – Kristi Parks

To: Soak and massage your feet – Pat Farner and Mary Ann Sisk

To: Pray – Anna Hudson, Frances Ford, Pastor Tinker and Michelle Clark and Holly Leatherwood

They Came: Because

They needed a loving touch

They wanted to find out about Pampering Night and Celebrate Life.

They wanted to be a compassionate volunteer and show kindness.

A loved one needed a ride.

They wanted to bring food and snacks for the treatment centers.

They Came:

What they all received was Grace, Joy, Acceptance and Love because we asked God to come.

HE Came:

HE was the hands that touched, the ears that listened. HE was the lips that spoke kindness and smiled with Love. HE was the arms that hugged a weary body.

Thank You to everyone involved with this blessed night of Mercy.

Michele Sexton

Celebrate Life Cancer Support Group

(865) 654-0486

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