There is no better investment we can make for our future than one that benefits our children – early childhood education. Early learning is proven to help children perform better in school, get higher-paying jobs, rely less on social programs, save taxpayer money and contribute more to the economy. In fact, due to these improved outcomes, Nobel-Prize winning economist James Heckman shows the rate of return on investments for early education to be 13 percent per child, per year.

State Rep. Jeremy Faison certainly understands the value and importance of early childhood education. He is committed to working with Governor Lee and his fellow state legislators to help ensure Tennessee’s children have a brighter future.

In Cocke County, where nearly 40 percent of children are living in poverty, Save the Children’s early learning and in-school programs are working to ensure kids have the strongest foundation to be successful in school and life. State Rep. Faison has visited our Cocke County programs many times, reading aloud to children who, day-to-day, need our continued support to break the cycle of poverty.

Children like Levi, who once struggled to keep pace with his classmates in reading. With the additional support from Save the Children’s literacy programs, Levi not only caught up to his peers in reading, he’s developed a strong love for it. So much so that he’s read all the books in his school library and is now well on his way to working through the books at the county library.

Levi and the other 1.5 million children in the Volunteer state – can’t vote to ensure more funding for books for kids. They need people like State Rep. Faison, local leaders who are dedicated to voicing children’s needs, in Nashville. We’re grateful to have people like him, Gov. Lee, and so many other state lawmakers that work to support children’s needs every day, ensuring they have the bright futures they deserve.

Patrick Iannone

Tennessee State Director, Save the Children

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