Dear Editor,

On Friday Aug. 16th, I stopped by Food City East to pick up a couple items. That day was no different than most except that it was the first time that I went into Food City without wearing a head covering since my chemo treatments zapped my hair.

I have a little growth, but not much yet. I proceeded to the checkout line behind a mother with her lovely daughter sitting in the cart. When the toddler realized that I was standing in front of her, she half way smiled and truly scanned my body from head to toe.

I believe she finally decided that I was a woman (girl) like her, but something was different. At that point, she lost even the slightest grin from her face and, very seriously, turned to her mother and said, “Mommy, she don’t have any hair.” Well, I was tongue tied. She caught me off guard but Mommy came to the rescue.

I was so pleased when I heard the words, “You didn’t use to have hair.” What a response! I believe the little girl relaxed at that point. She and I were able to talk briefly about the color of her (brown/blonde) hair, as she put it. And her beautiful eyes. That little girl, I believe, learned a lot that day from Mommy’s grace filled words. Thank you!!!


Kim Gregg

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