Dear Editor:

Being on a tight budget has necessitated Long Creek VFD to utilize secondhand firefighting equipment where possible. Even if we qualify for a government grant, we can’t afford the matching fees or the insurance needed to cover new equipment, especially a new fire truck.

We get along on older trucks that are no longer required by other fire departments. Several of our members can fix most problems that crop up with fire trucks. Over the years we’ve maintained a fleet of four used fire trucks, which lets us have one or two out of service for short periods.

For these reasons, we are happy to have the recent addition of these older fire trucks that we’ve already used to fight two fires in the last month.

Grassy Forks Volunteer Fire Department gave LCVFD a 1978 Pemberton Fabricators diesel pumper with an automatic transmission and a 1,000 gal. water tank. Although this truck has had a long life it has faithfully been kept in serviceable condition.

We are hopeful to be using this truck for many more years.

Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department sold us, by means of a very favorable credit plan, a 1989 GMC diesel pumper with an automatic transmission and a 1,000 gal. water tank. This truck is in excellent condition for its age and we expect to get many years of service from it.

On behalf of the Long Creek community and the men and women who volunteer their time to our fire department, we whole-heartedly thank both the Grassy Fork and Dandridge Volunteer Fire Departments for their generous support.


Edwin C. Miller, President of the Long Creek VFD

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