Adair arrest: Curtis Adair, 39, Old Sevierville Highway, was served with active outstanding warrants for violation of probation (two counts) on Tuesday, Nov. 26. Patrolman Paul Weber arrested Adair following a traffic stop without incident.

Fain arrest: Amanda F. Fain, 39, was served with an active outstanding warrant for failure to appear on Tuesday, Nov. 26. Captain Matthew Elliott arrested Fain at Walmart without incident.

Stuart arrest: Officers were dispatched to 1247 West Highway 25/70, concerning a female subject who was passed out in a vehicle on Friday, Nov. 29. Upon arrival, officers Megan Ferrell and Will Garber came in contact with the female in question, identified as Holly D. Stuart, 39, who was “slumped” over the steering wheel while the vehicle was still running. Officer Ferrell said after several attempts to wake up Stuart, she noticed she was in possession of a baggie that contained several narcotics. Stuart advised officers they belonged to her husband. According to the report, Stuart told officers that she felt sick and that’s the reason she pulled over. First Call EMS was called to the scene and Stuart was medically cleared, the report stated. Upon further investigation, officers discovered Stuart had active warrants for her arrest. She was placed under arrest and charged with driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, violation of implied consent, violation of probation (two counts) and failure to appear.

Fullington arrest: Shawna K. Fullington, 49, Sierra Road, was served with active outstanding warrants for forgery (three counts) and theft of property (three counts) on Friday, Nov. 29. Patrolman Chris Silvers arrested Fullington following a traffic stop on Cosby Highway.


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