Hit and Run: Newport Police Officers were dispatched to a hit and run accident at the intersection of North and Blazer Streets. Brenda Heatherly was stopped for the red light facing southbound on North Street when Trent Smith, who was reportedly following too closely, struck Heatherly’s vehicle. Smith fled the scene and abandoned his vehicle. He was apprehended on Duncan Street. Smith admitted that he had drank “two beers” and smoked enough low lever THC Marijuana to “get high.” Heatherly sustained a head, neck and back injury and was transported to Newport Medical Center. Smith was charges with DUI, reckless driving, vehicular assault, following too closely, failure to exercise due care, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, reckless endangerment, implied consent and financial responsibility.

Assault: Officers were dispatched to 102 E. Broadway where they spoke with Jacqueline Hall concerning an assault. Hall stated she met her ex-boyfriend, Joey Meyers, where he was supposed to pick up their eldest son. Hall currently has an active order of protection against Meyers. According to the report, Hall and Meyers began to argue when Hall’s mother, Stephanie Smith, also started to argue with Meyers. The reports states that Meyers became enraged and walked up and spit in Smith’s face, along with making threats to harm her. Meyers fled the scene in a 2002 Lexus ES300.

Theft: Police Officers were dispatched to 625 7th Street in reference to a theft. Officer spoke with Luris “Opall” Diluzio who stated that her wallet had ben stolen from her 2008 Honda Accord. Diluzio stated that she locked her car when she came home on the evening of Aug. 1. When she woke up the next morning, her neighbor informed her that her interior lights were on in her vehicle. She the discovered her wallet was missing from the center console of her vehicle. Diluzio stated that her grand daughter lives with her and has access to her car keys. The vehicle had been locked back after the wallet was taken.

Firearm stolen: David Coston spoke with Capt. Stephen Higginbotham about his firearm being stolen from his vehicle between July 31 and Aug. 3. Coston told officers that he visited several stores in Newport before his firearm went missing. He could not say for certain that his weapon was stolen while in Newport. Coston said there were no signs of forced entry on his vehicle.

Break in/Theft: Margaret Keys reported that her residence was broken into on Aug. 4. Keys told officers that she found the front door of her residence standing open and the house had been ransacked. Keys stated that she is unsure of all the items that were taken. She did say that numerous tools and car parts were taken from the residence along with two jars filled with coins, two antique model cars, two watches, three rings and a clock. It was found that the suspect pried open the front door damaging the door and door frame.

Overdose: Officers were dispatched to 541 Domino Street concerning a male who had possibly had a drug overdose. The male in question was found in the passenger seat of a vehicle and was unresponsive. Friends and family members stated that they found an uncapped needle in the male’s lap and believed he had overdosed on some kind of drug. Officers administered 8mg of Narcan to the victim. Nearly five minutes later the victim regained consciousness. He refused medical treatment and transport to Newport Medical Center.

Hit and Run: Police Officers were dispatched to Tennessee State Bank in reference to a hit and run on Aug. 2. Officer spoke with Kimberly Ellison who stated a man in a silver Honda Accord was three cars ahead of her using the ATM. She said it seemed as if the driver was searching for something before he drove off. Ellison said that while she was using the ATM, the driver returned and pulled his vehicle up to her front bumper. Ellison said that the driver confronted her about taking his money from the ATM. Ellison told the male subject that she didn’t take his money, and he left again. Ellison circled the building again to use the ATM for another transaction when the silver Honda pulled behind her vehicle and rammed the rear end. The male subject fled the scene. Ellison complained of neck and back pain, but denied transport to Newport Medical Center. She chose to take herself to the hospital.

Information obtained from reports compiled by the Newport Police Department.

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