DiemArt arrest: Officers were dispatched to Timeout Travel Center concerning a male subject harassing juvenile females on Friday, Aug. 9. Upon arrival, Sgt. Donald Coakley spoke with a female witness, who said Kyle Diemart was attempting to bribe two juvenile females with money if they went with him. The juvenile females advised officers they were in fear of Diemart. When officers approached Diemart, they noted he was “high strung.” He was arrested without further incident. Upon arrival at the Cocke County Jail Annex, correction officers found a baggie that contained 22 pills, identified as Gabapentin. Diemart was charged with possession of schedule 5, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Warrant served: Jason P. Clevenger, 45, East Broadway, was served with an active outstanding warrant for contempt of court on Saturday, Aug. 10. Patrolman Paul Weber arrested Clevenger following a traffic stop without incident.

Warrants served: Russell T. Mooneyham, 28, East Highway 25/70, was served with active outstanding warrants for failure to appear (two counts) and violation of probation on Saturday, Aug. 10. Sgt. Derek Wright arrested Mooneyham without incident and transported him to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

DUI: Samuel P. Barrientos, 43, Highway 411, was arrested by the Newport Police Department for driving under the influence and other charges on Saturday, Aug. 10. Patrolman Paul Weber conducted a traffic stop after he observed Barrientos speeding on West Highway 25/70. Ptl. Weber said he made contact with Barrientos and detected an odor of alcohol about his person. When questioned if he consumed alcohol, Barrientos admitted to having four alcoholic beverages prior. According to the report, Barrientos allegedly had bloodshot eyes and he had a difficult time keeping his balance. Officers administered a field sobriety test to Barrientos and he performed poorly on all tests given. He was placed under arrest without incident. Upon inventory of the vehicle, officers found an open container of alcohol sitting in the cup holder. Barrientos was charged with driving under the influence, speeding, violation of financial responsibility, driving while license revoked and violation of open container.

Cook arrest: Officers were dispatched to Osaka concerning an impaired female subject on Saturday, Aug. 10. Upon arrival, Patrolman Jordan Douglas said he came in contact with the female in question, identified as Amy Cook, 37, Early Road, who was reportedly talking to herself and moving her limbs erratically. Ptl. Douglas said because Cook was a danger to herself and society, he placed her under arrest. She was charged with public intoxication.


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