Disorderly conduct: Deputies were dispatched to the area of Wilton Springs Road concerning a disorderly female on Tuesday, June 4. Upon arrival, Sgt. Max Laughter reported he located the female, identified as Courtney Hough, 30, who was stumbling in the roadway and was almost hit by another vehicle. According to the report, as deputies spoke with Hough she became irate and started screaming that people were dead and she was on fire. She was then placed under arrest without incident. Upon arrival at the Cocke County Jail Annex, Hough began screaming “We could not see the ancient Hebrew” at Deputy Bill Miller. Hough was charged with disorderly conduct.

Aggravated assault: Frank Guennap Binstead, 56, reported an assault to the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, June 4. Sgt. Max Laughter reported he spoke with Binstead who said he was attempting to pull out of Rocky Bluff Road onto West Highway 25/70 when he encountered a male sitting in a truck. According to the report, Binstead and the male were verbally arguing when the male allegedly displayed a shotgun and pointed it at him. Binstead said as he turned around to walk away, the male allegedly struck him across the back and the back of his head with his shotgun. The male was not identified.

Pursuit: A Newport man is facing an array of charges after he was involved in a vehicle pursuit on Tuesday, June 4. Deputy Blake Cupp reported he observed a vehicle operating on Woodson Road without a taillight. As Deputy Cupp attempted to conduct a traffic stop, the driver, later identified as Randy William Schoolcraft, 33, took off at a high rate of speed. Schoolcraft turned onto Highway 321 and made another left onto Highway 160. The pursuit continued on Highway 160 until Schoolcraft turned on Clear Creek Road. Deputy Cupp noted Schoolcraft drove “recklessly” by running other vehicles off the roadway and accelerated his speeds up to 85 mph. Schoolcraft eventually came to a stop at 195 Clear Creek Road. At that time, Schoolcraft exited the vehicle and complied with verbal commands and was placed under arrest without incident. A passenger, James Turner, was also arrested after he was found to have active warrants for his arrest. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed two handguns, baggies with meth residue, and one cut straw. Schoolcraft was charged with light law, evading arrest, reckless endangerment, prohibited weapon, possession of weapons (two counts), disorderly conduct, driving on a revoked license, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Information obtained from reports compiled by the Cocke County Sheriff’s Department.

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