COSBY—The 2019 Ken Green Soccer Jamboree showcased a tale of two sides in Cocke County on Saturday.

While the Cosby High Lady Eagles are looking to bounce back and make even more noise than last year, the Cocke County Lady Red are steadily growing under new leadership.

Cosby and Cocke County kicked the 2019 season off with a short match against each other to honor the late Ken Green. The whole jamboree at Cosby High School is dedicated to Green, remembering the legacy he left for the future of the soccer programs in the county.

“We continue to do this in memory of Ken Green,” head coach Michelle Lane of Cosby said. “It is very important for us to remember who he was and his contribution. There have been so many soccer players come through and Ken is the first person that comes to mind whenever they think of the sport.”

The scrimmages began early with Cosby and Cocke County starting it all. The Lady Eagles came out on top with a 2-0 victory, but Lane and head coach Mickayla Gregg of Cocke County understand this scrimmage was just to get a feel for the season opening up.

“We look forward to playing in this jamboree each year,” Gregg said. “It’s nice that we can compete with Cosby because we understand how good they are. It is important for us to play those better teams so we can improve.”

A lot is expected out of the Lady Eagles this year with a great bunch of their same team returning. With big names such as Kylie Hall, Maggie Humphrey and more having another stroll at it, a lot of pressure is built upon this team.

“We have a lot of leaders on this team that are coming back,” Lane said. “Kylie and Maggie are two that stand out to me that are fully capable of leading this team when we need them.”

Lane understands what is expected of this team and she knows the talent she has, but staying focused on one game at a time is her goal.

“I think we put the cart before the horse last year,” Lane said. “We have to take it one game at a time. I think we learned a valuable lesson from what happened last year. It’s totally up to the girls, though. We have to come out and give it our best every single game.”

The upcoming season paints a different picture for Cocke County, though. Gregg, former assistant coach of the Lady Red, is now in charge stepping into her new role with new faces, new style and a new schedule.

Despite recent years, Gregg is approaching the 2019 season her own way. She’s brought in some new athletes for her team such as Addison Webb, Kaitlyn Bible, Adrianna Gentry, and more. Gregg has also put together a new schedule for the Lady Red with more evenly matched competition to help her team grow in her first year in charge.

“I have had some ideas of how we will look this season,” Gregg said. “We have a lot of new faces out there and a lot we need to work on. I like where we are going and see a lot of positives in this team that we can run with. It is about improving each day and understanding the game more and more.”

As Cosby hits the season with hopes for a district crown and region tourney berth, Cocke County enters the season with an improving mindset. Both are sure to pack 2019 with excitement. After a good outing in the Ken Green Classic, the two will officially start their seasons next week.

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