GATLINBURG—The first official day of summer football is in the books for the Cosby High Eagles as the 2019 season is creeping up.

A short trip to the Rocky Top Sports Complex on the Gatlinburg-Pittman High School campus was taken by Cosby on Tuesday for three scrimmages of 7-on-7. Overall, head coach Kevin Hall of Cosby likes what he saw after returning from the dead period.

“We had one of our better 7-on-7 days than we’ve had in a while,” Hall said. “We threw the ball well and ran some good routes. Defensively, we had some kids out of position at times but were able to create some turnovers. For the most part, it didn’t look bad.”

The three teams the Eagles faced off against were Gatlinburg-Pittman, The King’s Academy and Northview Academy. Each of the three 7-on-7 scrimmages held its own style.

No score or statistics were kept, but from each game Hall could see the progression in his whole team. He was able to place a few players in other positions and practice more of the passing game.

One of the more difficult challenges was against Gatlinburg-Pittman.

The Eagles struggled to stop the ball while on the defensive side in its match against Gatlinburg-Pittman, however they did find a rhythm on offense. Hall was pleased with the way his team moved the ball around to create plays to move them forward.

“We looked pretty good against (Gatlinburg-Pittman),” Hall said. “We were moving the ball pretty well when we had it. Defensively, though, we looked a little out of sync. (Gatlinburg-Pittman) had some success against us. With some of the plays, if we had pads on, it would’ve turned out a little different.”

Next up was Northview Academy, who the Eagles seemed to have the most success against.

Hall was able to switch some of his players up, position wise, on the offensive end. Sophomore Justin Stewart stepped in as the quarterback, as junior Hunter Workman shifted to wide receiver.

Stewart threw the ball well against Northview Academy including his touchdown pass to sophomore Dominic Cowles.

“I moved Justin to quarterback and Hunter to wide receiver,” Hall said. “Justin looked pretty good at quarterback today with the passes he was making. He threw one touchdown pass and completed some other nice passes.”

Cosby finished the day against The King’s Academy and it was an even match between the two.

Not much defense was seen in the last 7-on-7, as Cosby and The King’s Academy scored each offensive possession.

“Neither one of us could stop the other,” Hall said. “That is (The King’s Academy’s) bread and butter, offensively, is spreading out and throwing the ball. It can be tough to defend. I liked how we were able to move the ball just as well against them, though.”

The Eagles are progressing each day as the 2019 season rolls around. The 7-on-7 scrimmages allow Hall’s team to step out of the ground attack and into the passing game, as they look to become a bit more versatile.

As the offensive side of the ball looked good for Cosby, defense is something Hall wants his team to work on more and more each day. He’s hoping to clear up communication issues so the team may progress on that side of the ball, as well.

“We can pass the ball pretty well when we run the right routes,” Hall said. “Other than that, I want to see more communication on the defensive side of the ball when we head back up here. That is something we will have to work on and get better at before the season.”

Cosby will finish it’s run in Gatlinburg on Thursday with a final day of 7-on-7s at Rocky Top Sports World.

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