3rd Grade — High Honors: Jacelyn Campbell, Laura Carrier, Macon Cosgrove, Briley Christ, Ethan Evans, Halie Franklin, Jamarcus Green, Deacon Hale, Tysen Lackey, Maggie Massey, Kennadie Myers, Easton Robinson, Camryn Sakata, Carter Smith. Honors: Patience Atkins, Harlan Bennett, Alina Davis, Kyson Fain, Ariannah Gibson, Taylor Gurley, Landyn Hackett, Shawn Kelley, Gunner Lathan, Abigail Ramsey, Maddie Kronschnable-Shultz, Alec Wright

4th Grade — High Honors: Jackson Antunez, Essence Biggs, Isabella Bouche, Joseph Cody, Shifana Montes DeOca, Max Gutierrez, Brydan Hernandez, Jaxson Hawkins, Sabrina Maples, Bryson Mayes, Abigail Stuart, Abby Waters. Honors: Alice Adkins, Ashlyn Banks, Kerriel Barnes, Dakota Fine, Tynleigh Fine, Kaydence Fox, Skyley Gibson, Kaylie Ivers, Chloe Jenkins, Samantha Jolliffe, Kailixx Stewart, Logan Stuart, Miguel Styles.

5th Grade — High Honors: Mackenzie Carias, Jayla Church, Noah Clark, Channing Cobbs, Ariel Estes, Perry Keyes, Alex LeBlanc, Aubreonna Llyod, Elizabeth Moss, Drake Overholt, Destiny Thomas. Honors: Nate Adkins, Ezequiel Barrientos, Lakisha Bogle, Kaiden Fine, Landen Fine, Skylen Fine, Jackson Ford, Makinley France, Caymen Frazier, John Frazier, Lynkcon Haynes, Dashaun Henderson, Jeff Hernandez, Kairi Ogden, Chance Orr, Devyn Pliscott, Adrian Raines, Grace Rollins, Steven Scaccio, Logan Stuart, Payton Williams, Kyleigh Wall.

6th Grade — High Honors: Aubrey Miller, Sydney Willis. Honors: Blakely Carias, Henna Ford, Hannah Greene, Willams Gunter, Raejah Haney, Kourtney Hurst, Malorie Shropshire.

7th Grade — High Honors: Julie Pierce, Kate Watson. Honors: Alawna Goforth, Loren Inman, Jamisen McDowell, Mason Oglesby, Pedro Vargas, Madison Webb, Cayelesa Williamson.

8th Grade — High Honors: Mathaniel Parker, Bella Wilds. Honors: Celeste Barrientos, Emma Blair, Dashawn Holt, Tyson Laws, Reagan Webb

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