Now, I know this column is going to hit hard out there somewhere! I mean, I just know there is going to be a rash of comments; and some of them of the somewhat negative persuasion after you read the first paragraph or two.

Well, to come to think of it, you are already reading the second paragraph; and – well, so far, so good!

Once upon a time, yours truly got dirt under his fingernails. I mean way back in the day, when I interned, and later worked, at Newport Utilities and got bit by the ‘lectric bug. Way back in the day when I got tickled just enough by enough “AC Juice” that I thought I might wanna just go all the way in that field – youknowatimean?

But, do not ever, ever, ever get me wrong, I have no complaints about the change of direction for my life’s work; that was, and is, and always will be up to God – and I am happy as a kilowatt in a copper wire in that vocation.

But, I do have very fond memories of days as an intern and days in the military when I got dirt under my fingernails.

That brings me to the work that is presently on-going on Main Street, which is the topic of everybody’s water cooler – some “fer” it and some “agin” it.

Let me say right off the top; I’m “fer” it. I have seen too many times when downtown flooded and business people were out there with sand bags and brooms trying to keep the water out of their stores from the wakes made by unthinking drivers who insisted on “driving by to take a look”.

I have waited a looooonnnnnnggggg time – (pert ‘near seven decades) to see that work getting done; and whoever swung that deal gets my vote for “person of the year”.

I know it has been discussed by city council after city council and mayor after mayor and planner after planner; and today’s work is no doubt the product of a lot of work by all of them combined; but I say “Hoorah”!

Surely, it is a problem getting through there! Surely it causes changes of plans to get to work. The flashing lights were a little unusual for a day or two but we’ve pretty well got it figured out now – to keep the traffic flow moving – even down North Street.

Surely people who are passing through don’t like it; but I have been right here even when I was temporarily relocated in Morgan County, Tennessee or Mobile County, Alabama; and I still say “Thank you” for your hard work – from the planner to the producer; from the writer to the worker – Thank you!

It will be worth it!

Yes! There be rocks the size of cars under thar! There might even be dinosaurs the size of dinosaurs under thar! But you have the technology now to punch it through to the satisfaction of everybody involved – from railway to roadway to riverway!

And I can’t wait to see that stormwater from that huge watershed spilling out of those big pipes into the once-polluted Pigeon River. ‘Course, they will probably take all the fun out of it and have it all underground – at least that’s what I would do ifi’d designed it!

Thank you!

BTW: We won’t have that problem in Heaven! Glorious Sunshine all the time! Can’t wait! You?

Tom Mooty has served Newport’s West End Baptist Church as its Supply Pastor and Interim Pastor and Guest Pastor and Pastor and Senior Pastor and very, very, very Senior Pastor for a total of thirty three cumulative years; and normally writes this column for The Newport Plain Talk’s Wednesday and Weekend Editions. Mooty sincerely appreciates your comments which have been sent to or P.O. Box 851, Newport, 37822.

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