Hello! My name is Tom Mooty; in case you have forgotten me. It has been waaaaaaay too long since last we met in this media platform. Things have happened in rapid fire order that prohibited me from doing what I love to do – write!

But; hopefully, those barriers (surgery scheduled, COVID test, isolation, special disinfectant showers, special antibiotics, postponed surgery, rescheduled surgery, COVID test, sequestration, special disinfectant showers, special antibiotics, FINALLY the rescheduled surgery; and that awful RECOVERY and REHAB) are fading away as “has beens” – well, almost “has beens” at this point; and I can only hope and trust that I can earn your trust once again as a trusted columnist for the Newport Plain Talk.

You are wondering about my title, aren’t you?

As many of you might know, I currently live on a working dairy farm; and it runs day and night. I hear all sorts of machinery coming and going; but I have been unable to really know what’s up on most occasions!

However, I am well familiar with the annual operation known as “choppin’ the corn” and “packin’ the silos”. That is French for cuttin’ and storin’ cow food for a year or two.

The chopper is way over there in the field; and three big dump trucks are moving back and forth to the silo currently being “packed”. Two big tractors are constantly going back and forth using their sheer weight to pack down the silage that the chopper is cutting and spitting out into those three trucks that constantly load up and unload. They dump it and move back to keep the circle going.

It is a constant “dance” of huge, dangerous farm equipment that is carefully choreographed each day to cut, chop, and load in a different field or area on that particular day; and the route the trucks take to the silos has to be carefully planned and prepared so as to maximize their safety and effectiveness.

How to get them to the chopper and to the silos without running over the “normal equipment” that has to keep the everyday farm going is a real head scratcher. Cows love to be milked you know – twice a day – regardless of what you might see or hear from the politicos.

Problem! How do you keep the two tractors/packers going constantly in a somewhat confined space with a huge dump truck crowding in that rather confined space to unload more silage every five minutes or so?

Problem! How do you get the trucks in and out of the work area when they meet each other on small farm roads every five minutes or so?

On and on it goes; this great big ole, carefully coordinated, perfectly planned “barn dance” and I’m the wallflower in the cheap seats watching but having to stay out of the way lest I cause a NASCAR styled kerfuffle with the chopper with sharps in front and the trucks with tons of raw silage in the back.

I have learned to respect the farmer more and more since I moved to my son-in-law’s farm. I guess it just took making myself more and more acquainted with all that goes on to produce that tall cold glass of sweet milk – or butter milk – or butter, or cheese – or yogurt – or cottage cheese – or, well, you know!

To see what goes on every day – day and night – is amazing!

It’s just like becoming more and more acquainted with The Lord. The more you know about Him, the more and more beautiful He becomes! He has a perfectly planned and coordinated plan for your life; and all He is waiting on is for you to respond to His invitation!

So, what excuse do you have to refuse His Offer of Eternal Life? Is it worth it to remain in the cheap seats; and not getting involved in that wonderful Plan?

I close with the invitation that my friend Jeff Foster often commented about favorably:

Don’t know how to accept His Invitation?

I do; and I’ll share it with you!

Tom Mooty has served as pastor of the West End Baptist Church of Newport for an aggregate of over thirty-three years. His columns appear in the Thursday and Weekend Editions of the Newport Plain Talk. Your comments about these columns will be welcomed at tommooty15@gmail.com; or write to Tom Mooty at P.O. Box 851; Newport, TN 37822.

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