Ok, all you FiveMinuteVillers, it’s time for yet another entry in Mr. Moto’s list of “Stuff and Things that Just Don’t Make Sense To Me.”

You know what, I watched the endless coverage of Hurricane Ida’s endeavors to reek havoc upon our beautiful land – well, some of it is beautiful anyway.

Yeah, I know; I heard that! I need to get a life; but you see, I have friends that live in that area (the beautiful parts); you know, like a brother, and ugadlins of cousins and assorted level of kin-dom and family-ism.

Don’t waste your time looking those words up. Mr. Webster and whoever is the self-appointed-supervisor-over spell-check never heard of them; and fact-check (???), well as I said, don’t waste your time.

Anyway, I was talking about the Weather Channel’s mostly excellent coverage of Ms. Ida.

And, it didn’t take long before “that shot” – that television image – that “have too” picture worked its way through the director’s list of “stuff to do.”

Don’t you look at me in that tone of voice. You know what “shot” I am talking about. That one where so-and-so is standing out there in a driving rain trying to prove that he/she/it can stand up under those winds. They grimace as the rain hits them in the face; they weave and bob as they struggle to maintain their balance – to – to do what? What are they trying to prove?

Hey, we are reasonably and moderately intelligent around these here hills. We know the wind is blowing and we even know the rain is falling.

But there he/she/it is out there leaning into the wind and talking us through how stiff the breeze is.

And, most of the time, it is a well-protected shot. You know, you don’t want anything or anybody to ruin it.

But, then there is “that time.” Yeah, that time when somebody forgot to put the barricades up to keep the “rubber-neckers” away. Yeah, “that time” when the guys are struggling to maintain balance and explaining how it is too windy for the power crews to come out and all of that chatter; and, and, and; and two guys walk casually in back of the shot, talking casually about casual things – like maybe what those two jokers from the weather channel are trying to prove.

Oh well, such is the chaos of live television. I have been there and done that – not out there acting like Hercules mind you; but I have seen some crazy stuff happen on live radio and television. You know, like that doofus that always migrates to the television cameras and stands there in the background waving and mouthing “Hi Mom.”

But, try as they might; nobody could ever show any evidence whatsoever that Jesus The Christ was a fraud; or was even trying to pull the wool over some unsuspecting eyes in any way.

He was genuine and He still is. He was – and is – and always will be God; and therefore, is Lord of all. And He will always tell you the truth without all the gimmicks of standing out in a storm for – well, for whatever reason.

No sir, Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

I just wonder if you know about Him; or are you still trying to figure out how they stand out there in the storm.

Take Jesus at His Word. He will never lead you wrong.

Don’t know how?

I do!

And I will share!

Tom Mooty has served Newport’s West End Baptist Church as its Supply Pastor, Interim Pastor, Guest Pastor, Pastor, Senior Pastor, and very, very, very Senior Pastor for a total of thirty three cumulative years; and writes this column for The Newport Plain Talk’s Wednesday and Weekend Editions. Please let the “Plain Talk” know your comments concerning this column.

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