Everybody who knows me (all three of you) knows that I love light and lights.

As a kid, we always had lights on in and around the house. It was a rumor that was rapidly spreading that, since dad worked for the power company (TVA and then NUB), we got a special deal “on ‘lectric”; but that wasn’t so.

We just always had a game going somewhere inside or outside; and night time didn’t stop it; just turn on some lights; youknowwaddimean?

No; I’m not weird – well, not much anyway; I just like the light; and hate the dark!

That’s one reason I love Christmas. It’s got lights – lights everywhere – downtown, the ‘burbs, the streets – just everywhere.

Where I was born, Fred Marvin (my dad) was the ‘lectric company! No, he didn’t just work for it; he WAS it – with a ground man and a lady in the office.

And he wanted to start putting up Christmas lights on the light poles downtown. I remember Josephine Celeste (mom), “The Big Ugly” (Freddy), “The Music Man” (Bobby), and me (and Bryan, Harold, Jimmy, and Charles Henry from the neighborhood all helping) laying them out on our front porch and attaching light bulb sockets about 2 feet apart and scrounging different colored lights; and everybody said “Ooh, Ah, and Wow” when they turned them on.

So, since I don’t put up lights anymore, I love to ride around and see what YOU are doing with lights this Christmas. I have gone through the evolution from little lights to big ones, from colors to white ones, and from “strings” to all sorts of intricate patterns and designs – everything from “Christmas Cardy” to “Wild and Wooly.”

As we say around these parts: “It’s all good!”

Because I know what Christmas is all about – The birthday of “The Light of the World.”

I can only imagine how dark the world was before Jesus The Christ was born. Dark? Did I say dark? We cannot begin to know how dark it was!

Then “His Star” appeared in the dark night sky somewhere over what we know today as Iran; and some Persian Star Gazers took notice and began to follow it.

Over in Bethlehem, some shepherds were doing their thing with wet sheep at night; and God “turned on the lights” to spotlight (right down my well-illuminated alley) on the Angel Choir finally getting to sing a song they had been practicing for at least four millennia.

Out in the dark stable behind the dimly-lit inn, the “Light of the world” had come in the form of a tiny Baby; and this world has never been the same!

And it never will be the same – and you will never be the same – and I will never be the same – all because of that Light – The Lord Jesus The Christ!

Do you get it? Do you have Him? Do you have That Light in your heart?


Don’t know how?

I do; and I will share!

Tom Mooty has served two churches as full-time Pastor; and several churches as interim and supply Pastor in his 56 years of Ministry. He started writing this column in 1971; and appreciates all the comments (especially the good ones).

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