Change is everywhere!

And it seems that everything changes!

The time changes, the weather changes, attitudes change, recipes change, seasons change, habits change; we change clothes, children change into teenagers, and the guard changes at the queen’s useless multitudes of “houses” in England.

Everybody knows that times are changing; and my oh my, how true; how true! COVID-19 changed a bunch of stuff: businesses, schools, finances, work schedules, jobs, buying habits, eating habits and studying habits. I suppose one of the greatest changes that COVID had wreaked on us is in the lives and futures of high school and college graduates.

Prices change: up and dow… no, up and up, and up!

Christale Adams wrote a great piece in that defined “change” as to simply make something or someone different, unlike the way it was before. Change can also be defined as moving from one thing to another; as described by such words as transform, alter and modify.

I haven’t seen this in a bumper snicker but I suppose it could be out there somewhere: “Change Happens” (I like that one much better than the other one describing change).

Yes, change happens, with or without our consent; for better or worse; easy or difficult to accept; exciting or boring; wise or not; for the good of or the detriment of mankind; welcomed or not; pleasant or disturbing.

Someone said: “Change is hard at the beginning; messy in the middle; and gorgeous at the end.”

People’s minds change, as do their likes and dislikes, actions and reactions, thoughts and emotions. Madison Avenue will always see to it that fashions change, car bodies change, trends change and toys change from pet rocks to cabbage patch dolls.

One big area in my wheelhouse where COVID–19 has caused a great deal of change is in Church!

As a pastor, I try to be understanding as to why so many people have chosen (or been chosen) to stay at home on The Lord’s Day; but I am forced to wonder if it will ever go back to the way it was.

Yes, I know it was different “back then”; but I catch myself wandering about some wonderful experiences in my past where Church is concerned.

And then, I come back to the 21st Century and take notice that a lot of things in Church and Worship have changed – COVID or no COVID!

Sure, music changes, style changes, facilities change, even preaching changes; but, while the methods might indeed change; you better make certain the message remains the same!


Because, like it or not; believe it or not; people’s souls are in the balance. Keep the screens or throw them away; keep the electronic keyboards or trash them; keep Sunday School, Sunday Night, and Wednesday Night Services or discontinue them; dress down or dress up; but, for the sake of souls, don’t change the Message!

Tom Mooty writes these columns for the Wednesday and Weekend Editions of “The Newport Plain Talk”; and appreciates your comments. Write to the editor, or contact Mooty at P.O. Box 851, Newport, TN 37822 or e-mail “Brother Tom” serves as pastor to Newport’s West End Baptist Church.

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