Ok, you asked for it!

And, please allow me to say something (as the preacher said: “Before I preach, I would like to say something”).

Life was never dull and boring around Fred Marvin’s and Josephine Celeste’s Fifth Street, Newport, TN domicile. No! No! Anything but!

Why Bobby (“The Music Man”) wanted to leave these here hills and stills is an enigma to me. Something about “Makin’ it there and I can make it anywhere” – or so said Frankie Blue Eyes.

Anyway, Bobby packed up like the Beverly Hillbillies and moved to

The Big Apple – to “make it big”, you know.

He did several bit parts in various movin’ pichure shows; some of them even filmed in color! Freddy (“The Big Ugly”) and I are still making our second million off the royalties for his appearance in “The Way We Were”.

Yeah, right. I think it might be up to twelve American dollars a year now.

Anyway; he got a casting call to come try out for a part in a remake of “King Kong”. So he practiced his knuckle-dragging ape-walk imitation just in case they needed him to be “Kong”; but, when he got there, he found that he was going to be a policeman – a “King Kong Cop” (hence my title for this mis-masterpiece).

Things were moving right along as they would call for “Policemen” to come do this or do that or stand here or stand there – just whatever they needed.

Then came the final scene; when our friend and fav ape fell off of one of the towers of the World Trade Center (remember them?).

Follow me now very closely, because this is important! It was night and all of the hoopla with the lights and sounds that normally accompany a gazillion pound gorilla falling off those towers seemed to attract a lot of rubber-neckers – on-lookers – and there is Kong lying there; and the crowds all around – and some of them were not included in the casting call.

And there is “The Music Man” all dressed up in his police costume with his fake gun and non-existent bullets (even less than Barney Fife packed on a stake-out of that same actor who played all the bad guys) – surrounded by a New York crowd.

And the crowd was a typical New York crowd; pushing and shoving to get a glimpse of Kong lying there, maybe get themselves a souvenir or two. And then the director (or somebody) called for the real New York Policemen to “move back that crowd”; and the pushin’ and shovin’ increased by a factor of a gazillion!

“It was scary”, Bobby told me! But he lived to tell the story! And he didn’t have to pull his gun!

Kinda reminds me of the world in which we live; not knowing what is real and what is not; who is real and who is not!

One thing for sure; The Lord Jesus The Christ is REAL! He is The real Deal; The One Way! He is the One Real McCoy out there in a sea of imposters and wannabees.

Better trust Him for your tomorrows, if you are planning on a tomorrow in Heaven! He is the Only One who can make it happen!

And, by the way; what if you didn’t have a tomorrow? What if “your time” came TODAY?

Don’t know? Not ready? I am; and I’ll share how you can be ready too!

Tom Mooty has served Newport’s West End Baptist Church as its Supply Pastor and Interim Pastor and Guest Pastor and Pastor and Senior Pastor and very, very, very Senior Pastor for a total of thirty three cumulative years; and normally writes this column for The Newport Plain Talk’s Wednesday and Weekend Editions. Mooty sincerely appreciates your comments which have been sent to tommooty15@gmail.com or P.O. Box 851, Newport, 37822.

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