McCowan Creek Church of God...

In 1918, Rev. H.L. Trim, Church of God District Overseer, conducted a tent revival in the McCowan Creek community, which lies between Rankin and Point Pleasant. As a result of this revival, McCowan Creek Church of God was born.

In 1974, Clyde Calfee, then living in Cleveland, TN, told a newspaper reporter the revival meeting lasted 110 days.

Charles Brady donated land for the church. A building was erected in 1920. D.L. Calfee, Henry Calfee, and others donated logs for its construction.

This building served the congregation until 1951 when the church was re-built.

Charter members included Rev. Trim, Becky Calfee, Walter Calfee, Ben Calfee, Delley Holt, Lillie Smith, Hattie Dawson, Tosh Samples, Tula Worley, Goldie Ball, Callie Atkins, Lizzie Calfee, Cansie Atkins, Clia Atkins, and Ellen Turner.

Other early members numbered Martha Brady, Bertie Calfee, Louver Smith, Flare Smith, Hattie Dawson, Delsie Smith, Eunice Smith, Nellie Crumbley, Urah Brady, Grace Freeman, Calvin Atkins, Shannon Smith, Bertha Smith, Selma Calfee, Charlie Calfee, and Nannie B. Samples.

In earlier days, church members had to walk a fine line else they would find themselves “excluded” for any number of reasons, including “disloyalty to the church,” “joining another church,” “selling tobacco,” “disorderly walk,” “bobbing hair,” and “rebellion.”

A total of 34 pastors have served the church, including Rev. H.L. Trim, Rev. A.J. Hopkins, Rev. H.B. Helton, Sister Daisy Cain, Rev. George E. Bailey, Rev. C.M. Morgan, Rev. L.H. Brabson, Rev. R.L. Sifford, Rev. Heber Brumley, Rev. Charles Smith, Rev. T.L. Copeland, Rev. D.O. Black, Rev. B.O. Cantrell, Rev. Burton Potter, Rev. Robert F. Johnson, Rev. Hubert (M.H.) Lamb, Rev. J.W. Penix, Rev. Ben Carter, Rev. Joe E. Edwards, Rev. James Hale, Rev. J.R. Hensley, Rev. Lamar Lasley, Rev. John F. Foster, Rev. Arthur G. Thomas, Rev. Walter Isbill, Rev. Alex Page, Rev. Jeffery D. Armstrong, Rev. Danny Payne, Bishop Bobby Napier, Bishop Tommy Burke, Rev. Steve Ness, Rev. A. Nelson Moffatt, and Rev. Jon Sims.

In 2018, the church celebrated its 100th anniversary with a wonderful homecoming event, complete with preaching, music, and, of course, loads of food served in the adjacent fellowship hall. People came from far and wide to enjoy the event.

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