I am ‘purt near 99.4% certain that you know people who are doing what they have been trained all their lives to do – you know – when they started “doing” something! And they didn’t even know they were being trained to do it!

Accountants suddenly wake up to the fact that they can now see why they “took a shine” to all those mathematics classes while others in their classes were taking basket weaving and fly-fishing-fly fixing.

Engineers suddenly wake up to the fact that they can now see why they were spending all that time learning to draw a straight line while others in their classes were sweating out a passing grade in pencil sharpening and black board eraser cleaning (remember black boards and banging those erasers on the rock outside).

Gymnastics participants suddenly wake up to the fact that they see why they were so absorbed in walking a straight line while others in their classes were always trying to walk a straight line after a “night out on the town” (yaknowwhaddimean?).

Teachers suddenly wake up to the fact that they see why they listened intently and took copious notes on presenting a particular subject to young minds while others in their classes were figuring out new excuses to use in the office for their new methods of cutting classes.

Preachers suddenly wake up to the fact that they took all those public speaking classes and detailed understanding of heavily intellectual writing while others in their classes were “hmmming” and “hawing” and “uhhhhing” to try to understand “See Jack run” and “See Spot jump”, and – well you know!

That last people group is where I want to land with this columnistic mis-masterpiece of journalistic endeavorism. Luther, Calvin, Knox, Zwingli, etc were all raised in many and varied parts of Europe; but they were all used in unison to bring about the Protestant Reformation and the re-establishment of the Message of God’s Grace!

They might have all KNOWN each other; at least they probably KNEW OF each other; but they were all different – different backgrounds, different foregrounds, different styles altogether – but, as I said, they were all used IN UNISON to bring about that major change for the betterment of the entire world!

D. L. Moody (no kin) was as uneducated as any person could ever be without even trying – but his “Colportage Ministry” produced a multitude of books that everyone could understand from Einstein on down to Mooty (no kin)!

Don’t get me wrong; Christianity needed those “educated writers” churning out class room books and study guides and commentaries; but Christianity also needed Bible Study Helps that I could understand.

In fact, my first study course in “Religion” was a correspondence course from Moody Bible Institute on “The Biblical Book of Hebrews”. Now that might not mean a thing to some of you; but to those of you who are familiar with The Biblical Book of Hebrews, you know how complicated it can be; how difficult it can be to understand its deep message.

“Miss ‘Nita” wanted to help me as I was starting out; and she chose “Hebrews” for a reason – because it WAS so deep and difficult – but Moody’s Colportage Library brought it right on down to my beginning level of Christian Studies!

I dug in and dug it out; and, when I began teaching Sunday School; guess what Biblical Book my Pastor chose as our curriculum! That’s right! Hebrews! Can you believe that? Hebrews! Who starts out teaching the Book of Hebrews?

Then it hit me! God was preparing me all along the way; and I was able to write the lessons for our church based on what I had dug out on my own!

Then it hit me! God is so neat, the way He takes us one step at a time; one day at a time; here a little, there a little!

And I still remember many of the things I learned in that rather simplistic style of writing about the Most intellectual Book that has ever been written – “God’s Mind on paper”! I also still have that correspondence course somewhere in my boxes of books (unless I loaned it to another preacher; and, you know, they never give anything back) (or maybe you didn’t know that – but that is column fodder for another time and place).

One thing is perfectly perfect – simple or profound – Jesus is still King of Kings, and Lord of Lords; and is coming again – and maybe today! Please try to understand that; and make preparations to meet Him prepared – when He comes!

Don’t know how? I do; and I will share!

Tom Mooty has served as pastor of the West End Baptist Church of Newport for an aggregate of over thirty-three years. His columns appear in the Wednesday and Weekend Editions of the Newport Plain Talk (when he can remember the new deadlines). Your comments about these columns will be welcomed at tommooty15@gmail.com; or write to Tom Mooty at P.O. Box 851; Newport, TN 37822.

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