Why not start the New Year with daily thankfulness. Shouldn’t we be thankful every day, and not just at Thanksgiving?!

Start here with these 15 things for which we have forgotten to thank our teachers, but it is never too late to do so.

1. Thank you for teaching us how to share.

2. Thank you for running after-school programs, coaching, and grading papers every night, all while maintaining a “life of your own.”

3. Thank you for giving us candy for subtle wins in academics because it is a proven fact that teacher candy is the tastiest.

4. Thank you for making us realize we were good at something that we once thought we were awful.

5. Thank you for putting your life outside the classroom on hold for nine hours a day, and putting on a smile instead.

6. Thank you for dealing with an education system that isn’t always fair, and sticking up for us when your bosses don’t.

7. Thank you for giving us accurate and speedy feedback on our progress, or lack thereof.

8. Thank you for providing fair and honest discipline.

9. Thank you for loving your job despite the horrendous pay.

10. Thank you for making our imaginations stretch.

11. Thank you for staying up with pop culture and cracking jokes about it, even though it usually makes you look lame.

12. Thank you for creating your own holiday decorations and coating your classroom in them. You are so crafty!

13. Thank you for putting us over yourself.

14. Thank you for believing in us.

15. Thank you for changing our lives forever.

(Bonus) Thank you for the many extra hours you are investing in the sudden adapting of our lessons during the pandemic.

We easily forget all the things you’ve done for us, and sometimes we don’t recognize them until we’re older. Please understand that even though we don’t say it as much as we should, what you do and what you’ve done for us can’t be reciprocated, faked, or given by anyone else.

Thank you!

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