I would like to send our sympathy to the family of Pat Foust in K.C. She passed away this week. She was a sister to Johnny Baxter. They have our prayers and sympathy.

Visiting Wayne and me on Wednesday were Anthony and Wendy Haney and Tyler.

On Thursday, Wayne and I and Dora Kate Stokely were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney and Tyler.

Wendy Haney visited Wayne and me on Monday.

Wendy Haney visited Tammy Haney.

Happy birthday to Cherish Faith Sperling on the 27th.

Wayne Haney visited Henry Haney and he also visited Neil Phillips.

Happy birthday to Brian Sutton on the 28th and to Jessica Sutton on the 29th. Hope they have many more.

I visited Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney and Tyler on Tuesday.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Jennie Fann on the 7th. Hope she has many more.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Haney and Avery from Morganton, N.C., visited their daughter MaKayla and Joy Flarenc and Jason, Chase and Clair of Wilmington, N.C., for the weekend.

I would like to send our sympathy to the family of Jack Allen who passed away.

I would like to send our sympathy to the family of John Lewis Grigsby. His family has our prayers. He was my cousin. Wayne and I went to the graveside service. Wayne held the service.

John Lewis’ wife, Shirley, really needs prayers. She is a very sweet lady. It was good to see Margaret Williams, her sister. She is so friendly and sweet. My sister, Dora Kate, used to make John Lewis buttermilk pies; he sure loved them.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Rev. Charlie Johnson on the 9th. Hope he has many more.

Wayne Haney visited Henry on Monday.

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