Hello, readers. I hope you stayed warm during the cold snap. I guess it’s the beginning of blackberry winter.

Happy 16th wedding anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Haney who celebrated April 24. I hope they have many more.

Happy 50th anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Clint Shelton on April 18. I hope they have many more, too.

Rose Norwood is now home after being in the hospital. She is doing better.

I would like to send our sympathy to the family of Martha Grigsby Holt who passed away recently. Wayne and I went to the graveside service. It was good to see Esther Brown and her daughter there. We used to go to church with them at Round Mountain Baptist Church. Teresa was in the Sunday school class Wayne and I taught. The Holt family has our prayers.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney and Tyler came up for a visit last week. They came up on Saturday and weed-eated and cleaned up around the fence. Tyler and Wendy did the weed=eating. Anthony isn’t able yet to weed-eat but he did some other stuff. He still is going to therapy.

On Sunday Rodney and Regina Haney came over for a visit. They hadn’t been here all year. Rodney came over on Monday and ate breakfast with us. Regina visited Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Lunsford on Monday and said they are doing well.

On Tuesday Wayne and I, Rodney and Regina visited Anthony and Tyler. We all went to Roan Mountain State Park and rode through the campground.

Dora Kate Stokely visited Anthony.

We all went to Carver’s Gap at the state line and walked a trail to a lookout. We also went to Elk River Park in North Carolina to Elk River Falls. It was a beautiful sight. We all enjoyed it. Wayne rode with Anthony and Tyler, while Dora Kate and I rode with Rodney and Regina.

Dennis Gossett is doing better.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gossett were visiting Brian and Ronda Greer and Tara Gossett last week.

Steve Gossett visited Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gossett.

Get well wishes are send to Bud Morefield who recently broke his back in two places.

Tots Maurice Cody is doing well after she broke her hip. She was at Newport Health and Rehab but is home now. Please remember all the sick in your prayers.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Haney and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haney, Tyler and I visited Dora Kate Stokely.

Cindy Jackson and Katrina and Destiny were visited Joe Stokely. Destiny spent a few days with him. Joe’s friend Butch recently had to have his heart shocked. He’s doing okay now.

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