COSBY—The Dollar General Literacy Foundation recently awarded Cosby Elementary School a $3,000 grant to support summer literacy. This local grant is part of more than $8.6 million in grants awarded to more than 950 schools, nonprofits and organizations across the communities Dollar General serves.

“We are excited to purchase a book to send home with every child to read this summer. We believe in the transformative power of reading and we are proud to say Eagles Are Readers!” said Cosby Elementary School's curriculum coordinator John Luke Bell.

Cosby Elementary School Principal Christy Edmonds echoed Bell's comments. "In a world where social media and gaming are paramount, we want to convey the importance of reading to our students. Readers are leaders and at Cosby Elementary School we want to produce students who are well equipped to lead. The Dollar General Grant is an exciting opportunity for us to choose challenging and fun texts to put into the hands of our students."

Cosby Elementary School will purchase a text aligned to the English curriculum for each grade level. They hope to have texts on hand later next month to be distributed during brown bag meal days. Teachers will host book talks and discussions via Zoom Video Conferencing. These books will help students combat the summer slide by challenging them to read, write, and talk about texts this summer.

“During these extraordinary times, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to support communities’ literacy and educational advancements through funds that will impact thousands of students across the country,” said Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s CEO and Dollar General Literacy Foundation board member. “We are proud to support the meaningful and impactful work that each of today’s recipients conduct and support their ongoing efforts to help individuals improve their lives through literacy and education.”

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is proud to support initiatives that help others improve their lives through literacy and education. Since its inception in 1993, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has awarded more than $182 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, helping more than 11 million individuals take their first steps toward literacy or continued education.

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