Walters State Community College conferred almost 400 degrees and technical certificates at the end of fall 2020 semester.

Walters State awards associate of science degrees (AS), associate of science in teaching degrees (AST), associate of art degrees (AA) and associate of fine arts degrees(AFA) to students planning to transfer to continue their education. Associate of applied science (AAS) and technical certificates (CER) prepare students to enter the workforce immediately following graduation.

COCKE: From Cosby, Erika-Sunshine Limbaga Mayfield, A.S., social work; Magdaleno Gonzalez-Salazar, A.S., business; and Sara B. Gregg, A.S., pre-imaging sciences. From Harfort, Holly Trully Leatherwood Hartford, A.S., social work. From Newport: Andrea McMahan, A.A.S., nursing; Angel Brooke Ottinger, A.S., management; Carrie Louise Grooms, A.A.S., paralegal studies; Diane McNelly, A.S., agriculture; Emily G. Wilson, business administration; Faith Ann Corbett, A.A., general studies; Kenny Ray Len Strange, A.S., business administration; Makenzie D. Coffey, A.S., health sciences; Marielle Bailey Niezgoda, A.S., social work; Miranda N Sparks, A.S. social work; Miranda Roshea Jones, A.S., special education; Robert Harold Cashen, technical certificate, emergency medical technician; and Tony Marcus Guillot, A.A., philosophy/religious studies. From Parrottsville, Carlie Rae Ford, A.A., English; Lindsey Madison Cutshaw, technical certificate, pharmacy technology, and Randy Earl Forbes, technical certificate, basic law enforcement officer.

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