Donny Richmond

Donny Richmond

Entertainer Donny Richmond, of Sevier County, has been nominated by the International Christian Film Festival for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film. The recognition is for his starring role in the movie, “Saving Faith”, which is now circulating theaters around the U.S., to rave reviews.

The International Christian Film Festival is recognized as being “the Academy Awards for Christian and family friendly films”. The ceremony takes place May 6 in Orlando, Florida.

“Saving Faith” premiered January 28 in Clinton, where much of the filming was done. The faith-based, family friendly movie features Donny’s character coming to the rescue of his niece, Faith, by encouraging her to trust God that her family owned business will be saved from foreclosure.

Donny then arranges a benefit concert by his old friends Vince Gill and Amy Grant, but unexpected twists and turns occur during this heartwarming story.

Many guest cameo appearances include The Gatlin Brothers, Michael W. Smith, and Olympic skater Scott Hamilton. Donny’s niece is portrayed by famed Christian actress, Jenn Gotzon, of New York City, who has also been nominated for the Best Actress Award.

Henry Cho, known as America’s Mr. Clean of Comedy”, and a Knoxville native, is nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Donny’s son Carl portrays his son in the film, and is also receiving acclaim for his natural acting ability.

Carl has had roles in 3 different films in less than a year, and looks to be following in his dad’s footsteps. He will attend the ceremony with his dad. Carey Jones, the accomplished Sevierville based actor, is also receiving outstanding reviews for his role as the villainous, greedy businessman.

“Saving Faith” has recently been acquired for expanded distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada by Lionsgate Films, known for its movie industry leadership in marketing and distribution. Lionsgate is representative for many Academy Award winning films.

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