Beginning with the initial novel Death Comes to the Village, readers have enjoyed the mystery series featuring Lady Lucy and Major Sir Robert Kurland.

Lady Lucy, daughter of the local rector, and Sir Robert are now the parents of an eighteen-month-old son, Ned, and she has just discovered she is “increasing” again, with the new baby due around Christmas time.

Life is good. The estate is thriving, Sir Robert’s leg, injured during the Napoleonic Wars, has benefited from a recent trip to Bath, and there’s not a murder victim in sight.

Because of the coming baby, Lady Lucy and Sir Robert plan to expand the nursery staff, and when Agnes, Ned’s nurse, suggests her cousin Polly for the job, it seems the perfect solution.

When the new nursery maid arrives from London, she brings trouble.

Polly is breathtakingly beautiful and flirtatious. Every red-blooded male in the neighborhood seemingly falls victim to her charms and more than one brawl ensues at the local tavern. Several of Kurland Hall’s servants are among those smitten with Polly.

Things escalate until Lady Lucy is ready to dismiss Polly, but before she can, Polly fails to return to the Kurland Estate after her afternoon off. A farmer later discovers her body in a drainage ditch.

Lady Lucy and Sir Robert begin their investigation. As the local magistrate, it is his responsibility to maintain law and order in the neighborhood, and Lady Lucy feels a responsibility because of Polly’s position as a nursemaid.

To their amazement, the Kurlands quickly learn Polly wasn’t who they thought. Their search takes them to London’s theater world. It seems Polly was actually an actress who apparently overplayed her role in a world where aristocrats commonly purchased their mistresses.

As the days pass, the Kurlands learn many terrible things, none of which seems to bring them closer to finding Polly’s killer.

But then danger strikes all too close to home.

Stokely Memorial Library now has Death Comes to the Nursery, along with the previous novels in the series.

Located at 383 East Broadway, Stokely Memorial Library is open Mondays—Saturdays from 10-5 and may be reached by telephone at 423-623-3832.

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