Ellery Adams new series featuring the Secret, Book, and Scone Society members is set in Miracle Springs, a small town in western North Carolina, much like our Hot Springs.

The Book of Candlelight, third in the series, sounds very familiar. The rain in Miracle Springs has been relentless, with flooding of the nearby rivers and streams causing more than a peck of trouble. Little does the town know that more than raging rain waters is on their horizon.

Nora Pennington, owner of Miracle Books, has benefited from the wet weather, as stranded travelers, along with old customers, have flooded her shop, looking for just the right book. Nora is more than happy to help her old and new friends find just the perfect work and she’s also happy to welcome Sheldon, a gentleman of at least 60 years, who starts helping out in the store.

During the relentless downpours, Nora heads over to the local flea market to search for treasures to resell in her shop. While there she purchases a bowl from Cherokee Danny, a local potter, with plans to give it to her boyfriend.

However, before Nora can do this, the rains increase and the next day the Miracle River overflows its banks, causes a footbridge to collapse, and washes up Danny’s body. Although Danny’s death is ruled an accidental drowning, both Nora and the local sheriff doubt the coroner’s finding.

Nora enlists the aid of her fellow Secret, Book, and Scone Society members. But before they can unearth the truth another body turns up.

Their investigations lead them back in time to the town’s pre-Civil War days and to a discovery buried within the walls of the local Inn of Mist and Roses.

The trail is one of intrigue, mystery, and murder and nearly costs the club members their lives.

Stokely Memorial Library now has The Book of Candlelight, along with the series’ earlier works. They are delightful, especially for those of us who live so close to Hot Springs (oops, Miracle Springs).

Located at 383 East Broadway, Stokely Memorial Library is open Mondays—Saturdays from 10-5 and may be reached by telephone at 423-623-3832.

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