Readers met Rosalind Thorne a short time ago with the publication of A Useful Woman by Darcie Wilde. Set in Regency England, the series features a young woman, formerly wealthy and now quite impoverished, named Rosalind Thorne.

In order to support herself, Rosalind offers discreet assistance to the ladies of the ton who find themselves in awkward and possibly damning situations. Through Rosalind’s many connections and her impeccable background, she has been able to prevent many a woman from social ruin. Along the way she’s also solved a murder or two.

In the latest book in the series, And Dangerous to Know, Rosalind is summoned by Lady Melbourne, one of the most powerful and richest women in London who employs her to retrieve a packet of highly sensitive private letters stolen from her desk.

The letters link Lady Melbourne’s troubled daughter-in-law, Lady Caroline Lamb, with the famous poet Lord Byron, whose escapades continue to be talked about in 2020. Lord Byron and Lady Caroline had carried on a highly public affair, but if the letters fall into the wrong hands blackmail and the threat of publication are just two of the possible results.

Rosalind agrees to accept the job, but later learns that Lady Melboune had failed to mention that the body of an unidentified woman had been found in the courtyard of Melbourne House. The coroner determines the victim had been poisoned.

Rosalind later learns that the victim was a nurse in the Melbourne home and also discovers one of the missing letters hidden among the victim’s possessions. Obviously the woman’s murder and Rosalind’s current case are connected.

As the days pass, Rosalind pieces together a sordid tale and finds herself matching wits with a ruthless killer. Will she become the next victim?

Stokely Memorial Library now has And Dangerous to Know, along with the earlier works in the series. They are immensely entertaining, well researched, and just the ticket for armchair detectives.

Located at 383 East Broadway, Stokely Memorial Library is open Mondays—Saturdays from 10-5 and may be reached by telephone at 423-623-3832.

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