COCKE COUNTY—The number of COVID-19 cases in Cocke County jumped drastically on Wednesday, as the total number or cases exceed the 100 mark, now sitting at 116.

Sixty-nine of the 116 cases are currently active in the county.

The number of tests performed on county residents has also increased as more than 2,500 have now been tested for COVID-19.

County Mayor Crystal Ottinger recently took a survey on Facebook asking citizens if wearing masks should be mandatory in the county.

She has not made a decision of the matter.

Gov. Bill Lee has left it up to local mayors to make that decision as several counties, including Sevier, have decided to make masks mandatory.

Numbers in Sevier have continued to increase as 857 cases of the virus have been confirmed.

Over 300 of those are active, and Sevier is considered a COVID-19 hotspot.

Hamblen County is struggling as well, as the county is closing in on 400 cases. More than 200 are currently active in Hamblen County.

Greene County has seen a spike in recent days as they have also eclipsed 100 cases of COVID-19.

Greene has a total of 122 cases, and 40 of those are active.

Jefferson County recently reported their first death from COVID-19.

They currently have 148 total cases. There are 72 active cases at this time.

The U.S. surpassed 3 million cases on Wednesday.

More than 134,000 have now died from the virus or virus related illnesses.

Globally the number of cases are nearing the 12 million mark.

The worldwide death toll has now surpassed 544,000.

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